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Maldives was adamant on removing Indian soldiers, attitude cooled down; Said- We are too small to get entangled

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Maldives’ newly elected President Mohammed Muizzu had vowed to expel Indian troops after assuming office. He was giving such statements which could have increased the tension between India and Maldives, but now his attitude seems to be cooling down. The President of Maldives does not want to anger India. He has made it clear that after Indian troops, Chinese troops will also not be given a place in the Maldives. In an interview on the strategically located Indian Ocean archipelago, the President said, “Maldives is too small to get entangled in geopolitical rivalry. “I have no particular interest in involving Maldives’ foreign policy in this.”

Muizzu’s electoral success in September depended on his continued campaign against India’s greater political and economic clout in the Maldives, and particularly his pledge to expel Indian forces from the country. However, he has said that he will not allow China or any other country to replace Indian troops and rejected reports of being close to Beijing. He emphasizes that he is only pro-Maldives.

‘Working together with all the countries including India and China’
“We are going to work together with all countries, India, China and all other countries,” the 45-year-old leader said at his home in the capital Male. Muizzu said he hoped to begin formal talks with New Delhi on the withdrawal of an estimated 50 to 75 Indian troops, a sensitive campaign issue. He further said, “The people of Maldives did not vote for me to allow any military presence in the Maldives. So we are talking to the Indian government to remove them and I am sure we will do so in a peaceful and democratic manner.” can do.”

‘I am not saying that Indian soldiers…’
Muizzu said his assignment was to debrief a unit of Indian security personnel deployed to operate three aircraft gifted to the Maldives to patrol its vast maritime domain. He said, “I am not saying that Indian soldiers should leave our country so that some other country can get space to bring its troops here.” Muizzu said that for the Maldives, it is very important that we put our interests first… At the same time we want to work together with all countries, have good friendly relations, cordial, clear relations. “We are located at a very strategic location, with many sea routes of communication passing through our country,” he said, adding that he plans to develop ports and logistics as well as establish duty-free zones. Are inviting foreign investment.

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