GlobalMariana Rodríguez registers for the candidacy for Monterrey

Mariana Rodríguez registers for the candidacy for Monterrey


The Citizen Movement candidate for mayor of Monterrey, Mariana Rodríguez, warned that the three men who aspire to the same position as her already had the opportunity to govern the city, they fed on the municipality, but now they have “run into” it.

Rodríguez offered a speech prior to registering as a candidate in the National Electoral and Citizen Participation Institute (IEEPC), this Sunday.

“We have three male opponents in front of us, three opponents that seem to be a lottery, that every time there is going to be an election in Monterrey, the same three faces appear,” he said.

He added that, however, now they ran into Mariana Rodríguez.

“We cannot let those who have already failed us, those who have already stolen from the municipality of Monterrey and those who have already defrauded us, come to see our faces and think that we have already forgotten all that betrayal that they did to the municipality,” he said.

He added that people need the government to solve them and not come to bother them anymore.

The Citizen Movement candidate for mayor of Monterrey was supported by supporters of her party before whom she stated that for her a fundamental word in her life and in public service is love.

“For me, the word love has a meaning of care, respect and support, and that is what we are going to do in the municipality of Monterrey,” he anticipated.

In addition, he said that if he wins the election he will continue the good practices of the government of Luis Donaldo Colosio Riojas.

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