TechnologyMark Zuckerberg wants artificial intelligence as efficient as the human brain

Mark Zuckerberg wants artificial intelligence as efficient as the human brain

Meta brings together its two divisions responsible for developing artificial intelligence. Mark Zuckerberg’s goal is to find the key to “general AI”, which functions closely like the human brain.

Mark Zuckerberg announced on Threads a major change in Meta’s internal organization. The two research groups working on artificial intelligence will come together. This is the Fundamental AI Research (FAIR) team, created in 2013, and which deals more particularly with theoretical work on the subject; and the team that develops generative AI experiences and services. It went all out last September with a ton of new releases.

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The co-founder and boss of Meta indicates that these two groups will continue to grow, without giving figures (the group has eliminated more than 20,000 positions in two years). This change aims to “ support our long-term development objectives for artificial general intelligence “, he explained, adding that he had every intention of offering it as open source “ responsibly “. General AI (GAI) is the latest buzzword trend in Silicon Valley.

Current AI systems are specialized in specific tasks. General AI is intended to understand, learn and apply its knowledge in all kinds of fields, just like a human brain would do. GAI remains a long-term objective, given the challenges and obstacles that arise in the realization of this technology — without forgetting the ethical debates.

To achieve this, Meta will invest in its infrastructure. Mark Zuckerberg specified that the group will have at its disposal by the end of the year around 350,000 H100 cards from Nvidia, for a total of 600,000 H100 and equivalents including other GPUs. Essential equipment for refining and training the company’s language models.

The big boss of Meta also takes the opportunity to bring back one of his favorite things (a little forgotten): the metaverse! For him, ” the two main components of our vision — AI and the metaverse — are linked“. This is certainly not a new strategy, he had already mentioned this connection a few times last year. But the metaverse is still far from having taken hold despite the billions of dollars sunk into its development.

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