EntertainmentMartin Freeman responds to criticism for his age difference with Jenna Ortega

Martin Freeman responds to criticism for his age difference with Jenna Ortega

Actor Martin Freeman responded to criticism over the 31-year age difference between him and Jenna Ortega, his co-star, in the film Miller’s Girlwhose plot addresses a love affair between Cairo (Ortega) and his literature teacher, Jonathan Miller (Freeman).

After the film’s release in the US, many viewers mentioned feeling uncomfortable with a scene in which Jonathan and Cairo have sex.

“Martin Freeman, what are you doing to Jenna Ortega?!” one person tweeted, and another added: “Jenna Ortega and Martin Freeman… they make me uncomfortable.”

Freeman spoke about it in a new interview with the British newspaper The Timeswhere he insisted that the film is “mature and complex,” but not a model to follow.

Regarding the criticism that films with controversial messages usually face, the actor The Hobbit He added: “It is a shame that this happens. “Now we’re going to attack Liam Neeson for appearing in a film about the Holocaust?”

Neeson starred in the 1993 war drama Schindler’s List.

Martin Freeman, as Jonathan Miller, and Jenna Ortega, as Cairo, in Miller’s Girl (© 2023 Lionsgate)

As soon as fan criticism began to intensify, the privacy coordinator of Miller’s GirlKristina Arjona, assured that Ortega felt “comfortable” and “very safe” during their sexual scenes.

“There were many people involved in the process and with [Ortega] to make sure their boundaries were respected. “She was determined and sure of what she wanted to do,” Arjona told The Daily Mail in February.

“Part of my job is also to support their decisions. “I adapt to what my actors tolerate, especially in productions like this, with big age differences in the cast,” she explained.

Arjona also clarified that she, Ortega and Freeman spoke several times about the use of modesty clothing and barriers to ensure “appropriate distance” between actors during sex and nudity scenes.

On the other hand, he confirmed that the actors “can change their mind even on the day of filming,” if they decide that they do not want to interpret what was agreed upon.

Likewise, Freeman spoke with Collider about the content of the film and commented: “It shows things that are not entirely clear. Without a doubt, these are issues that are currently being debated, especially in recent years.”

Finally, he noted that the film offers something new, even “interesting.”

Miller’s Girl is available on Netflix.

Translation by Sara Pignatiello

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