GlobalMáynez promises air conditioning in schools

Máynez promises air conditioning in schools

Colima, Mexico.– The presidential candidate of Movimiento Ciudadano (MC), Jorge Álvarez Máynez, promised that if elected he will install air conditioning in schools.

During his visit to Colima, at a rally alongside Margarita Moreno, Emecista candidate for that Mayor’s Office, the politician referred to the effects of climate change, which, he said, must contemplate urgent actions.

“A better educational system (…) where we have all the schools in the country with solar panels so that they have not only electricity, but air conditioning and that we help reverse climate change,” he offered.

“Because this is the hottest year in history, yes, but if we don’t act, it will be the least hot year in the rest of our history. We have to act, listen to nature’s wake-up call, and take care of the planet in the one we live in.”

This Saturday, together with Alberto Esquer, candidate for the Senate for Jalisco, and their families, they visited the Nevado de Colima National Park, where, he stressed, the good management of civil society with the accompaniment of the Government of Jalisco, also in charge of the emecista, Enrique Alfaro.

However, he noted, on the side of Colima, governed by the Morenoist Indira Vizcaíno and on the part of the federal government, it has been left to the environment and the care of the protected natural areas.

“We have to protect nature so that our Mexico, our countryside does not dry out and continues to produce, so that girls and boys have clean water and air.”

He accused the Morenistas with government positions of hanging on to the work of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and betraying the values ​​enunciated by the self-proclaimed Fourth Transformation, in addition to not fulfilling what was promised.

“Now the dilemma is evolution or staying where we are. The choice is between two options, between those who have clung with all their might to the President of the Republic, but do not understand it, because the governors of Morena do steal, they do betray and yes they lie.

“They hang on to what has been done at the federal level, but they have not complied. They have not shown their face. Instead of hanging on to what the president has done, let’s go further,” he invited those present.

In Colima territory, Álvarez Máynez said that at this point in the electoral contest the election is being defined and MC is positioned as the second option in preferences.

On social networks, she boasted, she has more interactions on social networks than the two candidates combined and highlighted that she is “turning up the score.”

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