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Medicines alone cannot reduce obesity, these two things are very important. Diet and Exercise Key Weight Loss Drugs Alone Won’t Do the Trick | . News

Around 2.3 billion people worldwide are suffering from the problem of obesity or overweight. If the situation continues then by 2025 this figure may increase to 2.7 billion. The medicines which are being used nowadays to reduce obesity were earlier made for diabetes. These medicines are available in both injection and pill forms.

Just taking medicine will not reduce weight

Doctor ji. Moinuddin says that “Weight loss will not occur just by taking medicines. Along with this, one will have to take low sugar and low carbohydrate diet and also exercise for at least an hour every day.”

Weight loss is seen only after 6-7 months of taking these medicines. Weight reduces gradually. The effect of these medicines starts after about 6 weeks.


Problems like stomach upset, kidney problems and swelling in pancreas may occur.

But, these medicines also have some problems. These are very expensive and cannot be taken always. These can cause problems like stomach upset, kidney problems and swelling in the pancreas. Weight may increase after stopping the medicine.

Dr. Moinuddin further says that “If the patient stops taking the medicine, then his metabolism becomes back to normal. If he starts taking the previous diet again, then the weight reduces in 6 months to 1 year.” Can grow back in just 3 months.”


Exercise is very important to lose weight

A recent study has shown that exercise is very important to control weight after stopping medication. This study found that “people who exercised along with taking medication, their weight remained under control even after 1 year of stopping the medication. Whereas people who took only medication, their weight increased again.”

This means that it is not right to depend only on medicines. Along with medicine, good diet and exercise are also necessary to lose weight.

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