GamesMega hit Fallout on Amazon Prime: Only this one series was more...

Mega hit Fallout on Amazon Prime: Only this one series was more successful

The Fallout series on Amazon Prime Video is really impressive. Despite the all-too-perfect finale, I also liked the show quite a bit. It’s still too rare for video game implementations to be approached with comparable seriousness.

It’s all the better that the viewers saw it that way and rewarded the series with fantastic ratings. According to Amazon, a total of 65 million people tuned in within the first two weeks.

As Variety reports, this makes Fallout the second most successful show on Amazon. Only Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power was watched more.

One problem with these numbers is that Amazon doesn’t accurately describe what counts as “viewers.” Was it enough to start the first episode once to be counted among the 65 million? How many watched past the first episode and how many saw the end?

Nevertheless, it can be clearly said that the series has attracted attention. Fallout is actually the most watched Prime series of all time among 18 to 34 year olds. Not bad considering that the last “real” Fallout was almost ten years old and the youngest viewers in the age category were just 9 years old when it appeared.

Fallout Season 1 Trailer.Watch on YouTube

While we can’t say for sure how many people watched Fallout seriously – i.e. more than one episode or maybe even the end – it’s clear from Amazon’s actions alone that they’re very happy with the show. The mega-corporation has already said that the series has exceeded expectations and a second season has long been decided.

Even if you can definitely have problems with individual aspects of current video game adaptations: After The Last of Us and Fallout, film adaptations of successful games have lost a lot of the cheap image that made them cinematic untouchables in the 90s and 00s. But it’s easy for me to talk, I haven’t seen Twisted Metal yet…

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