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Menopause: Why do Arab women face this disturbing nightmare in silence? – . .

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“I suffer from severe hot flashes, as if it were self-combustion, attacking me at any time and in every place… Sometimes I feel tingling all over my body. The heat and blurred vision bother me in my daily life, whether in my work, which depends on writing, reading, and research, or in my home, where I am burdened by “Household tasks and care burdens. I became very nervous and more inclined to get emotional or quarrel.”

Thus, Rabab, a 49-year-old woman, told me about some of the symptoms she suffers from as she approaches menopause. Rabab is certainly not the only one, as the majority of women suffer from these symptoms that may begin many years before menstruation stops.

For some women, this stage may pass safely with a few mild symptoms, while others may suffer from severe symptoms, whether physical, psychological, or both, that have a significant impact on their daily lives.

Although there are many sources of awareness in the West, whether through official health agencies or charitable organizations, they remain insufficient. For example, research conducted by Professor Joyce Harper, Professor of Reproductive Sciences at University College London, indicated that 90 percent of women do not receive any education about menopausal problems during their education, and more than 60 percent of them do not begin to search for information about them until after They begin to have symptoms.

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