GlobalMexico wins Bronze in Gymnastics and Pole Vault!

Mexico wins Bronze in Gymnastics and Pole Vault!

Dafne Navarro and Mariola Garcíafrom the test of Trampoline Gymnasticsand Jorge Lunain Pole vaultwon three medals Bronze for Mexico on the penultimate day of activities of the 2023 Pan American Games.

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The Mexican day in Trampoline Gymnastics I would start with Dafne Navarro and Mariola García representing the delegation in the final of the Synchronized Femalesame in which the Aztec nation would win a bronze medal more in this fair.

During the final, only one country would be left off the podium, so USA, Brazil, Mexico and Argentina They began their participation with the task of hanging metals at the end of the competition.

The North Americans, Jessica Stevens and Nicole Ahsnger they would quickly get ahead with a result of 48,190 pointswhile Brazil would end with 46,170.

Finally, the Bronze would be defined between Mexico and Argentinawhere Dafne Navarro and Mariola García would impose conditions precisely and with a rating of 45,770 they would get a place on the podium; the South Americans would finish at 42,340 and in the last position of the final.

Dafne Navarro, repeats podium for Mexico

It would be moments later when Dafne Navarro would return to Trampoline to establish itself in the third position of the test by in back of the american Jessica Stevens (Gold) and the brazilian Camila Lopez (Silver).

In the same test, the Mexican Patricia Núñez would seek to enter the fight for the medalshowever, finished at the bottom of the classification adding just 24,830 units.

Jorge Luna ‘steals’ Bronze from Chilean Guillermo Correa

In one of the last tests of the Athletics at the 2023 Pan American Games, the Mexican Jorge Luna took the Bronze medal in a fight inch by inch against the host Guillermo Correa in the Pole vault.

Both athletes They reached the barrier of 5.40 metersheight that Jorge Luna passed on his first attemptwhile the Chilean obtained it until second.

Neither of them could exceed 5.50 metersso the definition of the medal was defined from the previous level; in this test, Joseph Ludwig (United States) took over the Goldwhile the Argentine German Chiaraviglio ended with the Silver.


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