TechnologyMicrosoft Surfaces will last longer

Microsoft Surfaces will last longer

Extending software support benefits both users and the planet! Microsoft has decided to make a move for the Surface range.

Microsoft is extending software support for its Surface line of computers. All models released after January 2021 will be eligible for driver and firmware updates during “ at least ” six years, or two years more than for devices released before this date. The manufacturer leaves itself some leeway, since the support could last longer in both cases.

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The longer the better

Microsoft provides details of the life cycle of its various Surface PCs: recently launched models, such as the Surface Laptop Studio 2 and Laptop Go 3, will be supported until October 2029. This extended software support is very good news obviously for the users of these devices, who will be able to enjoy them for longer.

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These updates allow PCs to work better with Windows; it can be an improvement in autonomy and performance, and sometimes we are even entitled to additional features. Be careful though, Microsoft makes a distinction between drivers and firmware on the one hand, and Windows updates on the other.

To install a new version of Windows, it is not necessarily necessary to have all the drivers and firmware up to date. This means that a Surface that no longer receives new drivers will still be able to upgrade to the next version of the operating system.

Those who see the glass half empty will fear that the extension of software support will mean a slowdown in the pace of new hardware releases. Microsoft updates the Surface range every year, but perhaps sluggish sales throughout the PC market – and the departure of Panos Panay, the former boss of Windows devices, at Amazon – is not forcing the manufacturer to reduce the sail.

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