GlobalMigrants seek more entry points to the US

Migrants seek more entry points to the US

Juarez City.- In the midst of the operations of the National Migration Institute (INM) and the government of Texas, migrants who arrived at the edge of the Rio Grande claimed to have spent three days trying to reach the Border Patrol of the El Paso Sector, so they confessed that they would begin to look for other entry points.

“They are forcing us to go elsewhere, to go through the green parts, where there is nothing (the desert). I already entered twice and they have taken me out twice, from there, from the door. I tell them: let me go to Immigration and let them decide whether to return me or not. But the soldier only tells me: no Spanish. And then when he takes me out (towards the Rio Grande) he starts talking to me in Spanish,” narrated a Venezuelan standing in front of the border wall gate.

After walking along various stretches of the cart from Mexico City to Ciudad Juárez, avoiding the INM checkpoints and unable to buy a bus ticket, because he does not have a regular immigration status in the country, the South American said he had three days on the border with El Paso, without being able to surrender to the United States federal government.

“We’re going to have to look for other places, further out there,” he said in front of international marker number 36, before seeing an INM unit approaching and starting to run along the bank of the Rio Grande.

The operation in which 210 federal Immigration agents participate, supported by the National Guard and the Municipal Public Security Secretariat (SSPM), began on the banks of the Rio Grande last Monday, April 1 and will continue for at least a month.

For its part, surveillance on the American board has already lasted 15 months, although during 2024 it has been reinforced from the height of the Plaza de la Mexicanidad to the Libramiento, with kilometers of coils of spikes in the area of ​​the international channel.

“They are not going to stop migration, but they are making it difficult,” lamented the Venezuelan who asked that his name be omitted, before running away from the Mexican authorities, like two more men from Venezuela and Ecuador.

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