BusinessModi to Naveen, Kejriwal to Sushil, farmers' support to Abhay -

Modi to Naveen, Kejriwal to Sushil, farmers’ support to Abhay –

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Kurukshetra, 15 May

This time in Dharmakshetra i.e. Kurukshetra, all eyes are on the election ‘Mahabharata’ to see who will be the new ‘Arjun’ i.e. MP of Kurukshetra. The contest on this parliamentary seat of GT Road belt seems to be triangular. BJP candidate Naveen Jindal is expected to benefit from the name of PM Modi and the policies of the Manohar government. Whereas, Dr. Sushil Gupta from Aam Aadmi Party is the candidate of India Alliance. He has the support of Delhi CM and AAP convenor Arvind Kejriwal. INLD’s Abhay Chautala is trying to capitalize on the farmers’ movement.

After Abhay’s entry into the electoral battle, the contest has become interesting. Naveen Jindal has been active in Congress for a long time. Jindal did not contest the 2019 Lok Sabha elections after his defeat at the hands of BJP’s Rajkumar Saini in 2014. BJP immediately gave ticket from Kurukshetra to Naveen Jindal, who left Congress and joined BJP. ‘Jindal House’ has an old influence in this parliamentary constituency because Jindal has been supporting poor families from time to time.

Shagun among the daughters of poor families, providing sewing machines to poor women, helping the poor to repair their houses, free health checkup camps and making eyes of poor people are some of the works that ‘Team Jindal’ has been doing since ages. In such a situation, he has a long association with poor families. Backward class vote bank is also quite high in this parliamentary constituency. OBC vote bank is considered decisive in elections. Being from the Vaishya community, Jindal has influence in his own community as well.

His father Omprakash Jindal has also been a cabinet minister of Haryana and was also an MP from Kurukshetra. This is also one of the reasons why Kurukshetra Lok Sabha constituency is not new for Jindal. Naveen Jindal, one of the famous and big industrialists of the country, fought a battle in the Supreme Court and got the common people the right to hoist the tricolor on their homes. Not only this, Jindal has also installed high tricolor flags at important places and parks in many cities of the state including Kurukshetra, Kaithal, Hisar. Jindal’s father Omprakash Jindal had the image of a ‘strong’ leader. At the same time, Naveen Jindal is much softer and sweeter than his father. Jindal’s mother Savitri Jindal has been an MLA from Hisar and has also been a minister in the government. BJP is working hard to give an edge to Jindal’s election. Subhash Sudha, MLA from Thanesar constituency and Urban Local Bodies Minister in Naib government, has a big test. Sudha is MLA from Thanesar for the second time. His wife is the chairperson of the city council. In such a situation, Sudha has a good influence in this area. Former speaker Ashok Arora, who was MLA from Thanesar, is a big face of Congress in this area. He is busy campaigning for Sushil Gupta. Arora himself has contested the Lok Sabha elections from Kurukshetra on INLD ticket. He was the state president of INLD for a long time. In such a situation, he has a grip on the entire belt. Congress Rajya Sabha MP and National General Secretary Randeep Singh Surjewala is also working for the India Alliance candidate. He has also held many meetings. Ladwa MLA Mewa Singh and Radaur MLA Bishanlal Saini are also leading in their circles for Sushil Gupta. Congress has two MLAs in this parliamentary constituency. Independent MLA from Pundri Randhir Singh Golan has now announced his support to Congress.

Bharatiya Janata Party has MLAs in four assembly constituencies. These include Subhash Sudha from Thanesar assembly constituency, Sardar Sandeep Singh from Pehowa constituency, Leela Ram Gurjar from Kaithal assembly constituency and Kamlesh Dhanda from Kalayat constituency.

In two circles, Ramkaran Kala in Shahbad and Ishwar Singh in Guhla are JJP MLAs. The interesting aspect is that both these MLAs are maintaining distance from the JJP leadership. Both of them have had meetings with Congress leaders. That means sooner or later Ishwar Singh and Ramkaran Kala can join Congress.

Discussion of jobs without expense slips

The policy adopted by the Manohar government regarding government jobs is also in discussion among the people of this area, especially the villagers. The villagers have no hesitation in admitting that earlier such jobs were not available. There used to be a game of recommendations, but now youth in villages are getting jobs without recommendations. Sulekh Chand, Jagar Singh and Ram Kishan of Kharindwa village, which has about four thousand voters in Shahbad constituency, said that youth from educated poor families have got jobs sitting at home. These are families who had no recommendations from anyone. Modi’s name was also heard discussed in the village. Ramkishan, who works as a cobbler, says – the villagers will vote in the name of Modi, not the candidate. People of all types of castes live in this village. Muslim families are also in the village. Four-five youth from these families have also got government jobs. Satpal, a farmer of Bajgaon village of Ladwa, says that the government did wrong by lathi-charging the farmers. Farmers should have been listened to. Every problem can be solved by sitting together. Lathi charge cannot be the only means.

Situation changed in Radaur also

In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, BJP candidate and current CM Nayab Singh Saini had won from Radaur constituency by a good margin of votes. However, in the subsequent assembly elections, BJP candidate and former minister Karnadev Kamboj lost the election against Congress’ Bishanlal Saini. In Radaur, Kamboj is pushing for BJP and Saini for the India Alliance candidate. At the same time, former MLA Shyam Singh Rana is busy supporting Abhay in the constituency through his ‘Goodwill’. Sukhdev Singh said- Right now the elections are cold. After 18 the picture will be completely clear. Harendra Singh of Khurdban says- Inflation and unemployment are big issues in the elections. Virendra Singh also talks about inflation. There are around 12 thousand voters in Radaur, a city of this constituency which has around two lakh voters. Mixed effects were seen in the city. BJP saw the need to sweat harder in the villages.

‘Trio’ for Abhay

INLD’s Abhay Chautala has the most hope from his ‘trio’ in Kurukshetra. Former CPS and INLD state president Rampal Majra is considered to have influence in Kaithal district, especially Kalayat. After becoming the head, his political stature has further increased. Similarly, former MLA Sher Singh Badshami, who was a political advisor to former CM Omprakash Chautala, is working hard for Abhay in Ladwa constituency. Sher Singh is a resident of Badshami village of Ladwa constituency, adjacent to Radaur constituency. Similarly, the influence of former MLA Shyam Singh Rana is believed to be there in Radaur constituency. With the help of these three leaders, Abhay is hopeful of getting good results from all the three circles – Kalayat, Ladwa and Radaur.

Modi to Naveen, Kejriwal to Sushil, farmers' support to Abhay -
The grand form of Shri Krishna established in Kurukshetra.

OBC voters will play an important role

After the current Kurukshetra MP Nayab Singh became the Chief Minister, the mathematics of the seat has changed a lot. Maximum Saini vote bank is in this Lok Sabha constituency. Apart from Saini, the number of other OBC castes is also quite high here. That means OBC vote bank is going to play a big role in the elections. The big thing is that this time this vote bank has remained silent. The silence has increased the tension of the India alliance.

Results of last three elections


Naveen Jindal won the election for the second consecutive time on Congress ticket. Jindal got 3 lakh 97 thousand 204 votes. INLD’s Ashok Arora stood second with 2 lakh 78 thousand 475 votes. BSP’s Gurdayal Singh Saini got 1 lakh 51 thousand 231 votes.


In this election, Congress’s heavyweight Naveen Jindal was defeated by BJP’s Rajkumar Saini by a margin of 1 lakh 29 thousand 736 votes. Not only this, Jindal reached third place. Saini got 418112 votes. INLD’s Balbir Saini stood second with 288376 votes.


Naveen Jindal did not contest the elections. Congress gave ticket to former minister Nirmal Singh. BJP’s Nayab Saini defeated Nirmal by a margin of 3 lakh 84 thousand 591 votes with 686588 votes. Nirmal Singh got 303722 votes. Abhay’s son Arjun Chautala got only 60574 votes.

Abhay is cashing in on the farmers movement

The impact of the farmers’ movement is also being seen on the Kurukshetra seat. INLD candidate Abhay Chautala is trying to capitalize on the farmers’ movement to gain the support of the farmers who are angry due to this movement. He had also resigned from the membership of the Assembly against the three agricultural laws and in support of the farmers’ movement. However, he later won the by-election in Ellenabad. Abhay is trying to make inroads among the farmers by saying that there is an election war between two businessmen and farmers in Kurukshetra. It is clear that the entire election will depend on how much support Abhay will get from the particular class which is allegedly angry due to the farmers’ movement. Abhay is trying to make the elections triangular with the help of this vote bank.

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