GlobalMorena's USBs; a database with the names of beneficiaries

Morena’s USBs; a database with the names of beneficiaries

Morena is operating its electoral machinery in the State of Mexico and Coahuila thanks to information provided illegally from the Federal government: the platform that contains the single register of beneficiaries of federal social programs sends the information in real time to the national leadership of Morena so that they can use it in their favor in the June 4 elections, according to government sources and the party in power. The law prohibits the use of government programs to favor one party.

The system where the personal data of the 30 million beneficiaries of the federal budget social programs are captured started out as Sider and later changed to Info-Sider. The mirror system that improperly receives the information in Morena is called Sirena. It is a scheme designed by Gabriel Garcia, Carlos Torres, Alexander Pena and Emiliano “El Bicho” Calderón, all part of the same political clique that has jumped between government and party positions, and whose main asset is control of the database of those who receive any of AMLO’s 18 social programs. This has been denounced by Morena figures who feel outraged because they are repeating the vices they have always criticized.

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Of the 30 million beneficiaries, Morena is only interested in those who can vote. So the first thing was to clean up the database: eliminate 2 million phantom and repeated names, then remove minors who do not vote, and keep only those who have voter identification. 21 million full names, addresses, electoral sections and cell phones for the entire country.

With the clean list, Morena summons her voters to make precision shots: instead of going door to door, they go directly to the homes of the beneficiaries of social programswho are more likely to be convinced, especially when the old threat is used that if Morena loses, they will stop receiving that support.

They try to recruit the smartest ones as new Morena recruiters. From there come polling station representatives and general representatives (who are in charge of supervising even 20 polling stations on election day). It has been proven and documented in previous elections that 90 percent of the general representatives of Morena receive up to two social programs from the federal government.

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According to the same sources, for the electoral day of this Sunday the operators of Morena received in USBs and external drives Excel files with the complete information of the beneficiaries of the federal governmentordered from the electoral districts for the State of Mexico and Coahuila.

For him Mexico state, Morena prepared a refined list of one million 50 thousand beneficiaries of social programs, 60 thousand possible polling place representatives and 3 thousand 300 general representatives. For Coahuila, 420,000 beneficiaries remained, 11,500 polling station representatives and 530 general representatives.

Sunday is put to the test again.

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They say that the database is so detailed that there are general representatives of Morena who put up for sale the USB with the information of the beneficiaries assigned to them.

It seems that the business does not stop at the bottom: say that the designers of this scheme sell their candidates the information and methodologyand they have taken, through companies with names, more than 600 million pesos in the electoral processes of 2021 and 2022.


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