GlobalMorocco earthquake: influential reaction on social media - . .

Morocco earthquake: influential reaction on social media – . .

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A Moroccan citizen stands at what remains of his house in the Moulay Ibrahim area

The repercussions of the earthquake that struck Morocco on Friday night are still sparking interaction around the world and across social media sites, which have been filled with millions of posts in solidarity with the earthquake victims and calls to donate blood and food to relieve those affected.

The hashtags related to the earthquake topped the trend on the X platform (formerly Twitter) in almost all Arab countries, the most prominent of which were #Morocco_earthquake, #Morocco, and #Mercy_for_the_Victims.


An eyewitness named Zainab spoke about the horror that befell her on the night of the earthquake, saying: “I don’t know how I got out of the rubble alive, and I don’t know how I still have the courage to write these lines.”

Zeinab, who works as a teacher in the Taroudant province, added: “A dizzying tragedy struck, in which all the houses collapsed to the ground in a heart-wrenching scene. Some of my students fell victim to this earthquake, and this is the thing I cannot even believe.”

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