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Mustard and Bathua greens should be consumed with caution, the taste can be detrimental to health.

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Most people like to eat greens in winter. In this season, many types of greens like mustard, spinach, bathua are seen in the market. You too must have eaten Bathua’s Paratha to Raita many times. On the other hand, the aroma of mustard greens along with corn bread makes the Indian kitchen fragrant. Bathua greens contain many medicinal properties like fiber, iron, potassium, while mustard greens contain lots of phenols and flavonoids along with fiber, protein, vitamin K, manganese, calcium, vitamin B6, vitamin C and many other nutrients. Elements are present. This is the reason why mustard and bathua greens are not only delicious to eat but are also beneficial for health in many ways.

Despite this, if mustard and bathua, which are beneficial for health, are consumed in excessive quantities, then instead of being beneficial, it can cause harm to your health. Yes, Bathua plant contains more oxalic acid. If this acid reaches the body in excess quantity, it reduces the amount of calcium. Let us take a look at the harm caused to health by eating excessive bathua and mustard greens –

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Weak digestion

People whose digestive system is very weak should not consume too much Bathua and Mustard. Excessive consumption of these can cause stomach related problems. Mustard greens are heavy to digest, which can cause problems like indigestion, flatulence, gas problems. Excess of fiber present in Bathua sometimes causes diarrhea in a person. However, when consumed in limited quantity, the fiber present in it relieves the person from constipation, iron deficiency and also keeps the stomach clean. But if you are already suffering from diarrhea then avoid consuming these green leaves.

of Shortage

If your body is already deficient in calcium then avoid consuming Bathua. By consuming Bathua in excess, the calcium level in the body also starts decreasing. This is because oxalic acid is present in this greens, which can reduce the amount of calcium in the body.


People suffering from skin allergies should also avoid consuming Bathua and mustard. Its excessive consumption may increase allergy complaints. Excessive consumption of Bathua and Mustard can cause problems like skin rashes, itching, rash for such people.

Capacity But Impact

Eating Bathua greens in large quantities can also affect fertility. Actually, Bathua Saag has anti-fertility properties. In such a situation, if you are planning a baby, then limit the consumption of Bathua greens.
In addition to the disadvantages mentioned above, mustard Of greens to eat Of There are some other disadvantages also-

blood pressure of Problem

While making mustard greens, people use a lot of ghee and butter in it. In such a situation, if you are already facing the problem of blood pressure or cholesterol, then consume mustard greens thoughtfully.

of Problem

People who have problem of stones should avoid eating mustard greens. This may increase the pain caused by stones. If you are often troubled by the problem of acidity, then you should avoid its consumption. The fiber present in it can increase your acidity even further.

Of Patient

Heart patients should also not consume mustard greens. Vitamin K is found in mustard greens. This vitamin helps in clotting of blood and this can put heart health at risk.


Bathua and mustard greens are a nutritious food, but it should be eaten in balanced quantity only. If you are suffering from any disease then make it a part of your diet only after consulting the doctor.

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