GlobalNATO cannons will roar on the Russian border, such a big gathering...

NATO cannons will roar on the Russian border, such a big gathering for the first time after the Cold War; 90 thousand soldiers will land

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NATO countries have taken a big decision amid Russia’s ongoing war with Ukraine. The armies of NATO countries are going to conduct the biggest military exercise in decades. This is being seen as a show of strength to prepare to deal with Russia. About 90 thousand soldiers will take part in this military exercise and it will continue for several months. A NATO official said that this exercise is a warning to Russia that we are ready to protect the borders of any NATO country and Russia cannot cast an evil eye on them. This exercise is taking place at a time when the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine is about to complete two years.

NATO countries have not openly participated in this war, but have indirectly provided arms and funding to Ukraine. Not only this, military training has also been given to the Ukrainian Army. Even Finland has recently become a part of NATO due to the fear of this war. Ukraine is also making such demands, on which no decision has been taken yet. In view of this war, there is a state of alert in countries like Finland, Poland and Hungary, which share border with Ukraine and NATO troops are deployed here. It is being said that this is the first time after the Cold War, when NATO countries are being so cautious and are prepared for a possible war.

This show of strength from the NATO organization of 31 countries matters. Its message will be that NATO is united and if any country in our organization is attacked, we are ready to take on Russia. In fact, NATO countries fear that if the war with Ukraine expands, they too may get affected. Regarding this exercise, American General Christopher Cavoli said that we want to show how America, Europe and the Atlantic countries are united and fully prepared against Russia.

The level of preparation can also be understood from the fact that Sweden will also participate in it, which is not even a part of the organization yet. Sweden has applied for entry into NATO and a decision will be taken soon. British Defense Minister Grant Shapps said that our government will send 20 thousand soldiers in this exercise. Apart from this, fighter jets, surveillance planes, warships and submarines will also be sent. From February to June they will be deployed in the countries of Eastern Europe. This exercise is going to continue here for months.

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