GlobalNATO signs artillery ammunition contract to resupply allies and help Ukraine

NATO signs artillery ammunition contract to resupply allies and help Ukraine

NATO signed a $1.2 billion contract Tuesday to manufacture tens of thousands of artillery rounds to replenish its partners’ dwindling arsenals and supply Ukraine in its fight against Russia’s invasion.

The agreement will allow the purchase of 220,000 155-millimeter cartridges, the most requested artillery projectile, according to the support and procurement agency of the Atlantic Alliance. This will allow the allies to recover their reserves and provide more ammunition to Ukraine.

“This is important to defend our own territory, to increase our reserves, but also to continue helping Ukraine,” the entity’s secretary general, Jens Stoltenberg, told reporters.

“We cannot allow President (Vladimir) Putin to win in Ukraine,” he added. “It would be a tragedy for Ukrainians and dangerous for all of us.”

During the summer, Ukraine fired between 4,000 and 7,000 rounds a day while Russia fired more than 20,000 a day into rival territory, according to European Union estimates.

The Russian arms industry far surpasses the Ukrainian one, and kyiv needs help to match Moscow’s firepower.

But the cartridges will not arrive soon since delivery times range between 24 and 36 months, according to the NATO agency.

The European Union has fallen short of its plans to produce one million artillery shells for Ukraine, barely reaching a third of the target. Senior bloc officials say they now expect the EU defense industry to produce around one million shells annually by the end of this year.

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