GlobalNeighbors of BJ close Insurgentes; They demand information about contaminated water

Neighbors of BJ close Insurgentes; They demand information about contaminated water

Neighbors of the Benito Juárez mayor’s office intermittently closed the intersection of Av. Insurgentes and Xola this afternoon, to sue the central government authorities and the Mexico City Water System, clear answers and an action plan to address the problem of contaminated waterwith some type of hydrocarbon or chemical that provides a strange smell and color.

The protesters warned that since last March 29, this contaminated water that enters directly from the hydraulic network has contaminated cisterns, water tanks and internal water networks in homes in neighborhoods such as Christmas Eve, Sports City, Del Valle Norte, Del Valle Centro, Naples, Tlacoquemécatl, Extremadura, Narvarte and San Juan.

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They accused that, although they have filed complaints with SACMEX, responsible for the supply of adequate quality and quantity of water, so far, the organization has not presented any solution, which is why they demanded the presence of the director of the Water System, Rafael Carmona. .

During the protests, a motorist threw his vehicle at the protesters, but it did not happen to anyone.

SACMEX insists that water does not have hydrocarbons

Edgar Villar, director of citizen consultation of the organization, appeared at the site and assured the protesters that the samples taken in the affected neighborhoods showed that It is not explosive material or gasoline.

“It is not explosive material,” the official said.

He highlighted that in the latest tests applied, a component was found in the water, which is not gasoline, but They still don’t know what kind of substance it is.

Edgar Villar said that The samples were sent to the Mexican Petroleum Instituteso that specialists can determine what type of substance the water in the perimeter of Benito Juárez affected by this problem contains.

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He announced that on Tuesday The results of this sampling will be announced next week. However, he insisted that it is not hydrocarbon.

“There is a presence of hydrocarbon (since the meeting on Tuesday -April 2) and with the samples we took, there is no presence of hydrocarbon. Now to categorically assure, I would wait for the meeting on Tuesday, so that it is the Mexican Petroleum Institute , in the company of our laboratory, whoever says what this is”he concluded.

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