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Neighbors of Molino del Rey in MH ask for drinking water; Tabe comes to dialogue with them

Neighbors of the Molino Del Rey neighborhood in the Miguel Hidalgo mayor’s office In Mexico City (CDMX) protesting the lack of drinking water they carried out a blockade on Fernando Alencastre and Alicama street.

“We already have a month without water, they give it to us now and they take it away after half an hour and they put the water back in every three or every four days, yesterday the response we had from the Mexico City Water System (Sacmex ) is that they are going to charge it third party.”

“I told them the receipts do not come to us cheap, they come to us for 4,000, 6,000 pesos, I don’t think that Sacmex will allow us to pay you one peso then another peso then another peso, and if we are closing it is because of the right that we have and We have the obligation to have water,” said Rosalinda Albarrán Medina, an affected neighbor.

Given this annoyance from the residents of the Molino del Rey neighborhood, the mayor of Miguel Hidalgo, Mauricio Tabe, attended the protest to assist the residents about the shortage of drinking water.


“I come to listen to the residents of the Molino del Rey neighborhood who are very upset about the closure of the water supply that is affecting the Miguel Hidalgo mayor’s office. We have been without water for more than 6 days, without the City government and the Water System give an explanation for taking the forecasts for the pipes,” said Tabe.

The mayor of Miguel Hidalgo pointed out that this situation is delicate since, by not notifying them about the shortage of drinking water, the only people harmed are the citizens.

“It seems very suspicious to us because this has never happened here in the mayor’s office, the truth is that it is a delicate situation, the only thing we ask of the city government is that they give us the pipes to be able to cover this concern of the neighbors and that they also Tell us when you are going to restore this service,” he added.

The residents of Molino del Rey hope that their authorities can help them regularize the supply of drinking water.

The two dams that supply this part of Mexico City are the Cutzamala and Lerma systems.


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