GlobalNetanyahu's will will no longer prevail in Gaza; Britain comes forward...

Netanyahu’s will will no longer prevail in Gaza; Britain comes forward to help Palestinians, will deploy army

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UK Force in Gaza: The conflict between Hamas and the Israeli army on the Gaza Strip is not ending. On Saturday, Benjamin Netanyahu’s army, the IDF, bombed a refugee camp in central and southern Gaza City. Many houses were targeted in this, in which 22 Palestinians including many innocent children were killed. Many international organizations including America, Britain and UN have expressed concern over the continuous brutality in Gaza. Now news has come out that Britain’s Rishi Sunak government can deploy its army in Gaza. This step by Britain may spoil Netanyahu’s intentions. In such a situation, Netanyahu will not be able to do as per his wish.

Britain can send its troops to the Gaza Strip to provide humanitarian aid. Sky News gave this information quoting government sources. However, the report said that the government has not yet taken a final decision on the issue. Britain’s navy said on Saturday it had dispatched an RFA Cardigan Gulf ship to assist in the construction of ‘a floating pier to allow the delivery of humanitarian aid directly by sea into Gaza’.

Palestinian extremist group Hamas launched a massive rocket attack against Israel on October 7 last year, violating the border and attacking both civilians and military targets. About twelve hundred people in Israel were killed and about 240 others were kidnapped during the attack.

Israel launched retaliatory strikes, ordered a complete blockade of Gaza, and began ground incursions into Palestinian territory with the stated goal of eliminating Hamas fighters and rescuing hostages. According to local officials, more than 34,300 people have been killed so far in Israeli attacks in the Gaza Strip.

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