GlobalNew tools for content creation and moderation based on AI

New tools for content creation and moderation based on AI

MADRID (Portaltic/EP).- Roblox shared the news with which it seeks to make avatars more expressive and new tools to facilitate communication between users and do so safely, as well as those dedicated to facilitating reaction content driven by artificial intelligence (AI).

Roblox is a video game that allows the creation of content that, at the end of June of this year, reached 65.5 million users, who dedicate 2.3 hours a day to the game, on average.

The company shared the news of its eponymous video game at its annual developers conference, which began on September 8 at the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco (United States), where it confirmed its extension to more platforms.

Specifically, Roblox will arrive on Play Station (PS4 and PS5) in October, where it is expected that millions of players on these consoles “will have access to the full catalog of experiences” of the game. Developers can also create experiences for Meta Quest, Meta’s virtual reality platform.

The game also brings new features for Xbox. The application will receive an improvement that will introduce a new image, more frequent updates to access the latest features, improvements in content recommendation and, in general, in the user experience.

The technology firm also announced a conversational assistant based on artificial intelligence for creating content for the game. It will be available within Roblox Studio and Creator Hub at the end of the year.

Roblox also reviewed the new features in communication with the rest of the users that it has introduced during the year. Such as the creation of “personalized and expressive” avatars, with the idea that they “represent the identity of a user.”

In this sense, new mesh and texture APIs were introduced, which will allow modifying the shape, dimensions and texture of an avatar. It will begin with the possibility of customizing physical features of the avatars, such as adding freckles or changing the shape of the jaw, and will later extend to elements such as clothing or emoticons.

By the end of the year, creators will find new tools powered by machine learning that will automate parts of the creation process, and the ability to create an avatar from an image and a text message will be implemented.

The company also anticipated its intention to extend expressiveness to other parts of the body. Currently, avatars can express emotions with facial gestures, but they will also do so with hand gestures or upper body movements.

Communication and moderation

Roblox Connect was also presented at the developer event, which enables communication through calls between friends in which their avatars are displayed. It will be available at the end of the year in the United States.

To ensure communications security, the tech firm announced a self-created “machine learning architecture” to detect voice communications that violate game policies.

According to Roblox, this moderation system is “the first of its kind implemented at scale,” and employs artificial intelligence to “directly evaluate content and speech expression, rather than first translating speech to text and then classifying that.” text”.

It will first be launched in English, although the company plans to extend it to four more languages, which it has not detailed.

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