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Nijjar murder case got stuck because of Justin Trudeau? Indian ambassador asked Canada – where is the proof?

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has accused India of the murder of Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar, but till date no evidence has been provided. India’s High Commissioner to Canada Sanjay Kumar Verma has again asked for evidence. The Indian ambassador made this demand in an interview given to The Globe and Mail on Friday. Let us tell you that Trudeau had alleged the involvement of “agents of the Government of India” in the murder of Nijjar. He had claimed that he had intelligence information about this. India had rejected the allegations as absurd. Also, a Canadian diplomat was expelled from India in protest against Canada’s decision.

Sanjay Kumar Verma emphasized that India has not been shown concrete evidence by Canada or its allies regarding India’s alleged involvement in Nijjar’s murder. He also said that the actions of Canadian police investigating the murder were influenced by PM Trudeau’s public statements.

“No specific or relevant information has been provided to us in this case to assist in the investigation,” Verma said. He said, “Where is the evidence? Where is the conclusion of the investigation? I would go one step further and say that now the investigation has already been tainted.”

Last month, Canada recalled 41 diplomats from India after India conveyed its concerns over parity in diplomatic power. Canada also stopped its visa and consular services in its embassies in Chandigarh, Mumbai and Bengaluru.

Strongly denying India’s role in the assassination, Verma said that any conversation between diplomats cannot be used as evidence in court. It cannot even be released publicly. He said, “You are talking about illegal wiretaps. Conversations between two diplomats are protected by all international laws. Show me how you recorded these conversations. Tell me whether someone copied the voices ”

Verma said, “I think this is hate speech and incitement to violence. I am concerned about my safety and security. I am concerned about the safety and security of our Consul General. God forbid something happens.” Lets do it.” He said that India hopes that Canada will rein in Khalistan supporters.

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