GamesNintendo hacker Gary Bowser believes his conviction should be a warning to...

Nintendo hacker Gary Bowser believes his conviction should be a warning to others

Notorious Nintendo hacker Gary Bowser believes he was being made an example of to deter other would-be hackers.

Bowser was sentenced to 40 months in prison and, after pleading guilty, a $4.5 million fine. He also had to pay another 10 million to stop a civil lawsuit brought against him by Nintendo. He was a member of Team Xecuter, a hacker group that made millions of dollars selling devices that made it possible to play pirated games on Nintendo consoles.

Is this a deterrent for others?

Last year, Bowser was released from prison and in April he said Nintendo would now be entitled to 25 to 30 percent of his earnings for the rest of his working life.

It felt “like a message to other people who [noch] out there that if they get caught… they’re going to do a hard time,” he tells the Guardian.

He will continue to pay Nintendo what he can, but it is “certainly not much.” When he was in prison, he was able to pay Nintendo $25 a month.

According to the report, he has difficulty paying his utility bills, leaving him without a refrigerator or stove at times. In the meantime, he has set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for medical bills.

Despite everything, he says it “could be a lot worse” than it is now, because he’s now been able to secure accommodation and no longer has to sleep on a friend’s couch.

“I have to be the first Bowser ever arrested,” he says.

Most recently, Bowser denied that he was part of a flash cart project that would make it possible to play backups of your own games on the Nintendo Switch.

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