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No, the Nile River was not dyed red: video on TikTok causes an outburst on social networks

An unusual event has caused the surprise of TikTok users: a river was dyed red, resembling what happened to the Nile River in a passage from the Bible. Some of the most outstanding images have been shared through social networks.

A person on board a raft captured the moment on video, in which it is possible to see the waters of the tributary completely dyed red. The recording It was spread by Internet users through the X platform (formerly Twitter) and has accumulated thousands of views.

And, according to some biblical passages, the waters of this river are painted in that tone because blood flowed through its flow; However, there is a scientific explanation for this.

In the religious sphere, the Bible in the Exodus points out that Moses struck the Nile River with his staff and its waters were dyed red by the blood that was in them. From there, the so-called “first plague of Egypt” would emerge.

In the scientific area, the portal refers Ecuavisa, the change in color of the water occurs when gas is mixed with red algae. These organisms contain toxins, which accumulate in marine species and can poison them to death. The spread of these red water vapors can cause respiratory conditions.

Days after the spread of this news, X’s event verification system revealed that the images do not belong to the Nile River, but to the Red Lagoon, a flow in Chile. He added: “At 0:14, you can see that the mountain in the video is the same as the images in the links below.” And it has at least three links that prove their sayings.

Likewise, he provided information regarding this strange phenomenon: “The red color of the lagoon is due to the presence of sediments and the microalgae ‘Chlamynodephris’.” According to the Chilean Tourism portal, this species could live in waters where its temperature varies between 40 and 50 degrees Celsius.

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