GlobalNorma Piña: cuts to the Judiciary would affect the poorest

Norma Piña: cuts to the Judiciary would affect the poorest

MEXICO CITY (apro).- The reduction in the budget of the Judicial Branch would affect the poorest, as indicated by the minister president of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN), Norma Lucía Piña Hernández.

In the meetings held by representatives of the Judicial Branch of the Federation (PJF) with the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention (GTDA), Minister Piña Hernandez indicated that there has been an increase in the demand for justice in the country in the last five years and that the increase in the budget is essential to address these issues.

“A budget reduction for the Federal Judiciary, among other issues, would stop the effective consolidation of the adversarial criminal system and would prevent the Federal Institute of Public Defender from continuing to represent the most vulnerable people free of charge, in a scenario in which citizen demand of defenders and advisors registers a growth of 20 percent annually,” commented Minister Piña.

He reiterated that the Court, as well as the Federal Judiciary Council, are committed to combating arbitrary detentions and protecting the dignity of people dealing with a legal matter.

“We are committed – not only by constitutional and conventional obligation, but by genuine and unwavering conviction – to the fundamental protection of the dignity of people, due process and access to effective protection found in the fight against arbitrary detentions. of its highest expressions and reason for being,” the minister said before the GTDA.

The minister president mentioned that the Judiciary has taken into consideration the nearly 50 opinions that the working group has issued since 2002 and that at the end of this year they will present an action protocol for judges and public defenders, related to legality. of arrests in the adversarial legal system. This is to provide useful tools for judges and lawyers to update the jurisprudential precedents and international standards applicable to the matter.

Given the concerns of the Working Group regarding the arbitrary arrests that continue to occur carried out by police, Minister Norma Piña commented that, through rulings issued by the Court, the protection of people has been guaranteed through searches. of each arrest and that have forced public security authorities, as well as members of the armed forces, to abide by these resolutions.

Likewise, Minister Norma Piña highlighted how essential it is to guarantee impartial and legal action within the Mexican judicial system, this without risks to the personal safety, employment and financial stability of the members of the judiciary,

In this regard, Minister Margarita Ríos Farjat highlighted that the Court’s functions of protecting constitutional justice have contributed to the security policy in Mexico meeting its obligations and guaranteeing the protection of human rights, where standards from international organizations focused on human rights.

He commented that there is still much to do in terms of guaranteeing human rights and added that “human nature is complex and is not always luminous; However, this Supreme Court remains with the firm purpose of always participating in the construction of a more just and harmonious society.”

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