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Now we have to protect ourselves; Why did Vladimir Putin say this in the victory speech, being discussed

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Amidst the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia, Vladimir Putin has won the presidency for the fifth time, achieving a historic victory. Putin got 88 percent votes in the presidential election. Putin is elated after this historic victory and said in his victory speech that Russia’s war with Ukraine will continue. Meanwhile, Putin said one more thing, which has attracted the attention of the world. Putin said in his statement that Russia is working to keep its borders more secure than ever, especially buffer zones will be created on the borders with Ukraine.

In fact, during the presidential elections in Russia, when voting was going on on the last day, Ukraine bombed many Russian cities including Moscow. Ukrainian army carried out drone attacks. Although the Russian military claimed to have destroyed 35 Ukrainian drone attacks in the air, a large number of drones have still fallen on cities. Two people also lost their lives. Apart from this, buildings were also damaged. Now Russia has started work to further secure its borders.

The Kremlin said on Monday the only way to protect Russian territory from Ukrainian attacks was to create buffer zones that would protect Russian territories. Earlier, President Vladimir Putin had expressed the possibility of setting up such a zone in his victory speech after winning the re-election.

Speaking to journalists, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, “Ukraine shelled our territory with drone attacks. Therefore, we should take measures to protect our public places and residential buildings. They should be protected only by creating some kind of buffer zone.” Can be secured so that whatever means the enemy uses to attack us is out of range.”

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