TechnologyOpenAI unveils faster, more efficient ChatGPT and app for Mac

OpenAI unveils faster, more efficient ChatGPT and app for Mac

OpenAI was keen to mark its territory this evening by lifting the veil on its new GPT-4o language model, which gives ChatGPT astonishing multimodal functions – Siri and the other assistants better watch out.

It is probably not by pure coincidence that OpenAI lifted the veil on its new language model, the day before the Google I/O announcements — the search engine will undoubtedly show off its new AI features there. Waiting for, GPT-4o (o for “omni”) is presented as a step closer to “ much more natural human-computer interaction “.

Talk to an assistant as if they were human

This model beats at the heart of ChatGPT, which accepts and generates combinations of text, audio and images. The bot’s voice responds to its interlocutor with an average of 320 milliseconds, which is similar to human response time in a conversation. GPT-4o also performs better on text in languages ​​other than English, and it is much better at object recognition and understanding audio. The vocal improvements are particularly striking, with accents and modulations worthy of a human voice. Disturbing…

These multimodal capabilities are the result of the formation of the new model which combines text, vision and audio; until now, three different models were used, thus increasing the response time.

GPT-4o’s text and image capabilities are rolling out starting today in ChatGPT to both paid subscribers and those who access it for free. Those who pay for ChatGPT Plus benefit from an increase in the message limit (they can be 5 times longer). In the coming weeks, GPT-4o voice support will be offered in alpha for paying subscribers.

New macOS interface and software

And that’s not all. OpenAI also unveiled a new interface for the web version of ChatGPT, which aims to be “ friendlier and more conversational “.

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Mac users will be in heaven, sincea macOS application is in the pipeline ! Normally available today for paying users, it will allow you to converse in text, but also in audio and video in the future thanks to GPT-4o (GPT-4 Voice Mode is already integrated but it is slower ). The software will also be offered to all users, including free.

Gpt 4o Open Ai Chatgpt 2
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Using the keyboard shortcut Option + Space, it will be possible to display the bot window. You can ask him a question without having to open the dedicated application, and even add attachments to enrich the conversation. A version of ChatGPT software for Windows is also in development.

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