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Outcry in Mexico after the presentation of “extraterrestrial bodies” to the political class (VIDEO)

The “mummies” presented in Mexico ©Youtube screen capture

The reporter, Jaime Maussan, affirmed that these bodies, in rather good condition, had been discovered in Peru in 2017, in the province of Nazca, famous for its geoglyphs, these immense drawings traced on the ground by ancient populations, visible from the sky and which have often been the subject of extraterrestrial theories.

Image of gigantic geoglyphs, known as the Nazca lines, built by people belonging to the Nazca culture, around 1600 years ago in Nazca, southern Peru on May 17, 2023. The famous Nazca Lines, recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, are geoglyphs more than 2,000 years old with geometric and animal figures that can only be seen from the sky.  (Photo by Ernesto BENAVIDES / AFP)
Geoglyphs at Nazca, Peru. ©AFP

Jaime Maussan clarified that these two mummies “were not linked to any form of life on earth” and that they had been studied by experts from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

However, if part of the audience to whom the journalist presented his “findings” showed great curiosity, suspicions and criticism quickly appeared. UNAM notably claimed to have never proven the origin of the mummies, simply analyzed the bones to date them. Then, members of the international scientific community pointed out that the bodies had already been studied by researchers in 2021 and their conclusions were unequivocal: they are “man-made” bodies, made of human bones (remains of pre-Hispanic men) and animals. The skulls, for example, were partly composed of llama or alpaca skulls. One of the bodies had a femur instead of an arm, and the fingers were not all “fixed” in the same direction. So much proof that these “mummies” presented Tuesday in Mexico are not an extraordinary discovery.

Scientists and experts have denounced a new “set-up” on the part of Jaime Maussan. The latter denounced the “lack of evidence” of his detractors, who, according to him, only come “with questions” and “do not measure the extent of the discovery”.

Researchers from Princeton University in particular have called for full transparency in this matter, in order to help the international scientific community move in the right direction.

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