GamesOverwatch 2 is coming to Steam on August 10th! That's why...

Overwatch 2 is coming to Steam on August 10th! That’s why Blizzard dares the new step

Blizzard announces that Overwatch 2 will also be playable on Steam starting August 10th. And Overwatch 2, by the sound of it, will only be the beginning of the Battle Nest escapees.

“ is home to all of our PC gamers,” writes Blizzard. It has always been like this. Neither World of Warcraft nor Diablo has ever seen the light of any other distribution platform. At least until now.

Blizzard wants to start with Overwatch 2. The beginning of an adjustment to industry changes that is long overdue.

“Gaming is no longer just for certain communities, as it was over two decades ago when launched, but for everyone – and while we remain committed to continually investing in and supporting, we want to break down the barriers to make it easier for players around the world,” said Blizzard.

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From August 10th you can also start the hero shooter from Steam – together with the first PvE mission. Of course, you also have to connect to via Steam in order to access all functions and even start the title.

However, Overwatch 2 seems to be only the first of many titles that will also gradually come to Steam. Blizzard writes in its press release at the end: “As far as Blizzard’s next steps on Steam are concerned, we will report more about possible other games on the platform when the time is right.”

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