GamesOverwatch 2: PvE reportedly completely canceled and this is why

Overwatch 2: PvE reportedly completely canceled and this is why

According to a report, no further PvE content will be released for Overwatch 2. Blizzard is reportedly discontinuing the missions due to poor sales of previous PvE content.

In Overwatch 2, PvP is more of a focus again

The report that Blizzard has “no plans to terminate PvE content in development” after “poor” sales of recent PvE missions comes from Bloomberg. So the developer should focus more on PvP gameplay instead.

Last month, the developer announced big changes for Overwatch 2 that are intended to make the title more rewarding and fun. These include changes to the Battle Pass and more transparency after individual matches.

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In addition, Bloomberg reports that the developers of Overwatch 2 will not receive a bonus for their work this year. “It’s rare at Blizzard that you don’t get a share of the profits,” said Bloomberg. “This is the result of an important change in company policy that came into effect in 2023.”

“Previously, employees received bonuses based on the company’s overall performance. But last summer, payouts were tied to the performance of individual franchises. As their titles were more successful in 2023, teams from games like Diablo and World of Warcraft bonuses this month, but the Overwatch developers weren’t so lucky.”

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