SportsPablo Carreño: "Motivating challenges like Games always help to continue fighting"

Pablo Carreño: “Motivating challenges like Games always help to continue fighting”

MADRID, April 2 (.) –

The Spanish tennis player Pablo Carreño celebrates being close to his return to the courts after suffering an ordeal with an elbow injury, which barely allowed him to play in 2023, and he does not hide his enthusiasm for being able to be in the Paris Olympic Games this summer , his “main objective” and one of the “motivating challenges” that have helped him the most to “continue fighting” in this complicated period that has passed.

“When you have been out for so long, with an injury like the one I have had, in which you often wonder if you will be able to play again or return to the same level, looking for challenges that are a little bit motivating, such as the Olympic Games after about how well things went for me in Tokyo with that bronze, it always helps to keep fighting and making an effort, when you see that things are not going so well and you don’t want to keep trying as much,” Carreño said in an interview with the tournament’s press department. Luanco beach tennis court (Asturias).

The Asturian, who underwent surgery last November to have surgery on his right elbow, makes it clear that the Paris event makes him “very excited.” “The ones I experienced in Tokyo were incredible, a unique experience and I would like to be able to live it now with an audience,” admits the man from Gijon, who is not obsessed with being ready for Roland Garros. “Nothing happens either, I give myself a ‘little’ more of time,” he warns.

“A year and a half doesn’t matter to me or a year and seven months, the main objective for me would be to be able to be in the Games and yes, if I don’t achieve it it would bother me because in the end they are every four years and then at the 2028 may not arrive,” he added in this regard.

The 32-year-old player now looks “better on a mental level” and “calmer, taking steps forward and eager to continue moving forward”, and that is why it is “a realistic goal” to be in the French capital in July. “Obviously, I’m not going to arrive as I would have liked because you always need to get ready and at the earliest I will be able to return more or less around the time of Roland Garros, which will leave me with a month and a half, two months to get in shape and also with a grass tour through the middle that is not the same surface that is played on in Paris. I think that I will arrive, how, it will be seen, I will try to be in the best way”, he emphasizes.

Carreño, who was once in the ‘Top 10’ of the ATP ranking, has lost many positions and “practically all the points” so he must “start again from scratch”, although helped by having the status of “protected ranking” that allows you to enter “nine tournaments.”

In addition, he knows that he will face new rivals. “There are many young people who, when I left the circuit due to the injury, were still not at the level they are now and who are now rivals to be taken into account,” he expressed. “Surely at first it will be difficult for me to see a rival that a year and a half ago was affordable for me or who could compete with him, to see him now and I’m not at the same level,” he said.


The Asturian regrets that this injury has occurred just when he had enjoyed the two “best” years of his career in 2021 and 2022. “Losing the entire ranking is complicated because if you get caught at a time when you are lower you might handle it differently, but seeing that practically at the best moment of your career this injury comes, it annoys you a little more, but You can’t stay and think about that either and you have to move forward quickly,” he commented.

“We know that these things can happen and we have to be prepared. Besides, tennis is an individual sport in which you are alone, in which you have to know how to overcome and although that does not mean that you don’t have a bad time, you have to always go out move forward and lean on the people next to you, who love you and who always support you to move forward,” remarked the champion of the Montreal Masters 1,000 (Canada) in 2022.

And the “most difficult” moments are when “you try to be playing at one hundred percent again and you go back again.” “It has been practically a year and a half in which we have tried one thing, it improved a little, but not one hundred percent, we went back, tried the same thing again and again, it improved a little and when I was able to play practically at limit, back again. In the end that wears you down and undermines your morale a little bit,” he confessed.

Carreño acknowledges that it cost him “a lot” especially in “March 2023.” “It seemed like it was going well, then it went badly and I tore my muscle again and there I hid a little and I didn’t want to watch much tennis,” said the tennis player from Gijón.

He returned to training at the end of February and has been “increasingly at greater pace and intensity and without discomfort” for a few weeks now. “I think that in the next seven weeks my intention is to continue this progression, to start playing sets and training matches, first with cadets, with juniors, then with the seniors and to also try to compete in a training session against some professional and little by little little to continue integrating into the circuit without competing,” he said about his ‘planning’.

Finally, the Asturian tennis player talks about his experience in the Luanco tournament, which he believes is necessary because “the beach tennis tournament is something that always has to be in the summer”, and where it will be “very complicated” for him to be immersed in it. in preparation for the Games.

“I will follow it and I hope that great figures attend as happened last year with Richard Gasquet and there can be a very nice show again,” he hoped. “I think Nadal has never been there and I hope he can have it. There would be many ‘Grand Slams’ in Luanco if Nadal is going to play it,” he added regarding the dream of having the Spaniard in the event.

Carreño has “always” given his “maximum availability” to being in the Luanco arena despite the difficulty due to the calendar because “it is helping Asturias” and a tournament that in his childhood helped him “a lot to see top-level tennis players” and to become fond of tennis and to “have fun” with his friends. In fact, he achieved “a small conquest” last year by winning it, “even against a rival like Feliciano (López), who is also a friend.”

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