SportsPacheta: "If I didn't see myself capable, I wouldn't come to Villarreal"

Pacheta: “If I didn’t see myself capable, I wouldn’t come to Villarreal”

MADRID, September 11 (.) –

José Rojo Martín ‘Pacheta’ was presented this Monday as the new coach of Villarreal, “the highest team” he has coached, but to which he arrives “extremely convinced” that he is going to “take the situation forward” because if he does not “trained” would not have accepted the offer, and warned that if his players believe in him they will achieve “unimaginable goals” together.

“This is the team in which we have trained the highest, but I am extremely convinced that we are prepared to handle this. If I had not seen myself qualified, I would not come, don’t have any doubt about that, but I am convinced that we are going to get the situation forward, that we are going to play within the model that the club wants, which has been in place for many years,” Pacheta commented to the media.

The coach believes that despite never having coached a team in Europe, he will gain experience “quickly”, since he also had no experience “in promotion playoffs” and it went well. “We arrived at an exemplary, healthy place and, above all, it is very close. I come with that ambition that the club demands of me and that ambition that I demand of myself,” he added.

The former player thinks that they have to be “very hard”, but that “the footballer has to enjoy it.” “Everything that is done out of obligation does not usually lead to a good project. That enjoyment is not at odds with the obligatory nature of work and commitment and the group. I believe that successes are achieved from the group,” he noted.

Regarding the style of play, Pacheta is clear that he has to “adapt” to the players “much more” than they adapt to him, but that he also knows where he comes from and the type of player he has. “I have a conception that I will transfer to them about how we want to play, what we want to do, where we have our strengths and weaknesses,” he explained.

What the new Villarreal coach is clear about is what his objective is. “My goal is for the player to believe in me, if they believe, we are going to achieve unimaginable goals, but they have to believe. And to believe I have to make them believe, I have to make them better, I have to help them win. And if I do all that , on that path and in that process, and then we win, the player is going to believe in us. And if we believe, we are going to win. And they have signed me to win,” he asserted.

Finally, the Salas de los Infantes coach is clear that the only way to reach the objectives that the ‘Yellow Submarine’ has set is to “work, work and work” and that this will be key to getting closer “to victory.” .

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