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Pakistani experts lashed out at their own country, said – India will make Kashmir ‘Switzerland’

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The people of Pakistan, who are facing economic crisis, are leaving no stone unturned to criticize him. At the same time, its own people of Pakistan, who sing the melody of Kashmir all over the world, are doing the work of showing the mirror to it. Experts of Pakistan are even saying that if Kashmir was not a part of India, it would have been destroyed. Pakistani economic expert Syed Shabbar Zaidi criticized Pakistani policies on Twitter. He also supported India. He has said that if the people of Kashmir want to live with India, then it should be so.

Zaidi wrote on Twitter, since Prime Minister Narendra Modi has abolished Article 370, even non-Kashmiris can buy land there. He has described UAE’s investment in Kashmir as the saddest incident after 1947. He said that it should be inferred from this that where is India and where do we stand? “The way India and the world are investing in Kashmir, after some time it will become Ashika or Switzerland,” he said.

Syed Shabbar Zaidi while describing the reality of Pakistan said that partition took place in 1947. Since then India is continuously developing and Pakistan has become poor today. India has left Pakistan far behind in terms of economy from 2002 to 2023. There are many internal problems in Pakistan. They need to be recognized. But the situation is such that politics and military power have become above the people here.

Zaidi said that Pakistan has not learned any lesson from its past, the result of which is being seen today. The governments here have been using resources to spread unrest in the neighboring countries instead of the welfare of their people. The present crisis of Pakistan is the result of this.

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