GlobalPakistan's pain increased due to the announcement of Economic Corridor in G20,...

Pakistan’s pain increased due to the announcement of Economic Corridor in G20, demand for change; People said- now I am feeling ashamed

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During the G20 conference, an agreement has been reached to build a corridor between India, West Asia and Europe. This agreement has created a stir in Pakistan. As soon as they got information about this, the people of Pakistan are cursing their government fiercely. Not only this, Pakistanis are even feeling embarrassed on this. Pakistani citizens are calling this the last wake-up call and are demanding change in the country’s government. Let us tell you that after the construction of this economic corridor, the importance of China’s Belt and Road (BRI) is going to reduce. ‘India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor’ includes India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, European Union, France, Italy, Germany and America.

Displeasure on social media
After the presence of leaders from all over the world in the Indian capital, the announcement of the corridor between India-West Asia and Europe has worried Pakistanis. They feel that after this happens Pakistan will be isolated on the global economic front. A Pakistani social media user wrote on X (formerly Twitter) that being a Pakistani, I feel very ashamed. He further wrote that our country deserves better leadership, responsibility and a bright future. Now the time has come for change and responsible people should come forward who actually represent us.

Saudi Arabia has high expectations
Another social media user wrote that the time has come that we organize our house and decide our priorities. Wishful thinking and low level politics will take us nowhere. She further wrote that there is a need to work on our abilities and go in the direction that our country needs. Let us tell you that this announcement has come at a time when Pakistan was expecting an investment of 25 billion dollars in its country from Saudi Arabia. Pakistan’s caretaker Prime Minister Anwarul Haq Kakar had said on Monday that Saudi Arabia will invest in mining, agriculture and IT sectors. Pakistan hopes that this will provide a lot of help to its debt-ridden economy.

China’s BRI hit
There will be rail and shipping corridors as part of the India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor project. Through this, trade will be done from Asia to Europe. Through this ‘corridor’, goods manufactured in India will first be transported to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) by sea route. After this, from UAE via Saudi Arabia and Jordan, it will reach Israel’s Haifa port by rail. After this, Indian goods will be taken from Haifa to Europe through sea route. The role of railways and sea waterways will be very important in this entire route. At the same time, Chinese President Xi Jinping presented BRI to the world in 2013. Through BRI, China wants to reach the Middle East and then Europe via Central Asia. Not only this, it wants to transport its goods from South-East Asia to the Middle East and then from there to Africa through waterways.

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