GamesPalworld: First raid comes and lets you fight against new Pal

Palworld: First raid comes and lets you fight against new Pal

After the big hype immediately after Palworld’s early access release, things were a little quieter around developer Pocketpair’s game. Now Survival is coming back, with a new raid and a new Pal in its luggage.

Bellanoir meets you in the raid

Palworld introduces a brand new raid, so far, so expected. Instead of a well-known Pal, the developer brings a new Pal into the game that you have to compete against in this raid.

“A powerful, evil Pal has emerged and is laying siege to the Palpagos Islands! Only the most experienced Pal tamers stand a chance against them… Palworld’s first raid, Bellanoir, is coming soon!”

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That’s what Pocketpair writes on X and under the official trailer for the new Pal. But Bellanoir doesn’t look that bad. Elegantly decorated in blue and black, she spins in circles for you in the video. What is she capable of in a fight?

You haven’t been able to meet Bellanoir in the open game world yet. Since the raid is supposed to come “soon”, you don’t have to wait long to welcome the new Pal with a few juicy attacks.

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