GlobalParty financing: another missed opportunity

Party financing: another missed opportunity

This week, and it went unnoticed, Vivaldi did not find an agreement to review this party allocation system. However, the executive has sometimes managed to take… symbolic savings measures concerning it, such as the reduction in basic salaries by 8% of federal and Brussels ministers following the proposal of Prime Minister Alexander De Croo in 2022. Au- Beyond this measure with limited impact, it was complicated to reform pension supplements. It was even impossible to reform flat-rate costs without supporting documents from MPs and, more importantly, to carry out the famous reform of “zero-based budgets” in terms of public spending at the federal level: every euro spent could be justified, we were assured. it’s 2022. We’re still waiting… Just like we’re waiting to know why so much is spent on consultancy fees in ministerial offices.

The Vivaldi majority stalls on the reform of the financing of political parties

When it came to touching on one or another tax loophole (like copyright), without resolving the crux of the problem (the heavy taxation on labor), the executive did not really made of feeling. And when it comes to slashing a pillar of democracy, the press, there has not been much delay either. Thus, a few months before the elections, a real threat weighs on the sustainability of the fourth power, through the distribution of newspapers in paper form, due to failure to have diligently managed the newspaper concession file. Worse: the millions spent on advertising by political parties mainly fuel the income… of American behemoths. There is no shortage of examples of this type.

This is not a question of falling into Poujadism, but the lack of agreement on the revision of party financing highlights the double standards to which the executive has so easily accommodated in terms of reduction of public expenses. As an economist from Voka (Flemish employers’ federation) noted this week, tax revenues increased by 4.5% in 2023, but the budget deficit was not reduced. “Simply because public spending has increased even more.” All is said.

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