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Paulina Rubio bursts into tears in the middle of the concert when remembering her mother

The famous “Golden Girl”, Paulina Rubio, experienced an emotional moment during one of her concerts when honoring the memory of her mother, Susana Dosamantes. The acclaimed actress lost her life on July 2, 2022 at the age of 74, after a courageous fight against pancreatic cancer.

Dosamantes’ artistic career had its beginnings in the world of cinema with films such as “Remolino depassiones” and “Los memorias del porvenir”, both in 1968, marking the beginning of his path to stardom. However, her life took a momentous turn when she married the Spanish lawyer Enrique Rubio González, with whom she had a relationship since she was 12 years old. Together, they gave life to their two children, Paulina and Enrique.

Paulina Rubio bursts into tears in the middle of the show

Paulina, visibly moved, starred in a moving moment in one of her shows when she approached her followers. In a video shared on social networks, you can see the pop singer bending down to bring her microphone closer to her fans. At that moment, a follower exclaimed: “Long live Susana Dosamantes!”

Paulina’s reaction was instantaneous: although she initially responded with a smile, she moved the microphone away from the fan and, with her hands and arms, covered her face while she burst into tears. The video has gone viral and already has 12 thousand views.

It is widely known that Paulina and Enrique shared a strong friendship with their mother since childhood.. Despite the demands of the artistic world, they were always at his side, even the conditions of their contracts often required their presence during filming or recordings.

Susana Dosamantes finds out that she has cancer

In 2016, Paulina Rubio revealed that her mother was facing health problems, including surgery to remove a lump on her head, which turned out to be benign. However, in April 2022, the actress revealed that she had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and was receiving treatment at the Mont Sinai Medical Center hospital in Miami.

After the strong scoop, the voice of “Give me another tequila” expressed her love and admiration for her mother on social networks, highlighting her strength and bravery.

“Mommy, strong woman, that’s what you showed me since I was born. Always strong, with an upright character, and with an imposing personality. Nothing ever stops you. Together we will get ahead, my faith in your speedy recovery is unbreakable”he then wrote on Instagram.

Besides, She placed intimate photos with her mother, such as one in which Susana holds her in her arms, and Paulina is seen as a newborn, and accompanied the image with the message: “Susana I don’t need to tell you, you know that I LOVE YOU, we will continue smiling and walking together hand in hand.”

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