GlobalPeople were sitting on the roadside, then suddenly an earthquake occurred and...

People were sitting on the roadside, then suddenly an earthquake occurred and then… the soul will tremble after seeing the CCTV footage!

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Morocco earthquake video: More than 800 people died in a devastating earthquake that struck Morocco late Friday night. Many buildings were damaged due to the earthquake, from the historic city of Marrakesh to the villages located in the Atlas Mountains. Leaders of many countries including Prime Minister Narendra Modi have offered help to Morocco. The death toll is expected to rise as rescue workers struggle to reach remote affected areas. People sleeping in their homes started running outside when the earthquake occurred. Footage broadcast on state television showed people on the streets of downtown Marrakesh late at night and afraid to go back inside buildings.

A CCTV footage of this earthquake has surfaced. Looking at this, it can be estimated how severe this earthquake was. In the video, some people are seen sitting outside a building. During this time an earthquake occurs and the building starts shaking violently. As soon as they feel the earth shaking, they immediately start running away from there. In the footage, a large number of people are seen running from one place to another. Some people even fall on the road during this time. At the end of the video, it can be seen that the earthquake was so strong that the building collapses. This video has been uploaded by BNO News on social media site X, which has gone viral. Till now it has been viewed more than 1.5 lakh times.

At the same time, after the earthquake, a person said that he was going to a nearby apartment, when utensils and things hanging on the wall started falling. A woman said she came out of her house after feeling ‘intense vibrations’. A man holding a child in his arms said he was woken up by the tremors of the earthquake. Emergency workers wearing yellow jackets were searching for survivors buried under the debris of the buildings. Moroccan media reported that the 12th-century Koutoubia Mosque, one of the city’s most famous sites, was damaged, but it was not yet clear the extent of the damage. Its 69-metre (226-foot) minaret is known as the ‘Roof of Marrakesh’. Moroccans have shared several videos on social media, in which buildings are seen collapsed and reduced to debris and dust is visible all around. Parts of the famous red walls surrounding Marrakesh have been damaged.

Morocco’s Interior Ministry said Saturday that at least 820 people had died, most of them in Marrakesh and five provinces near the epicenter. According to the ministry, 672 others are injured, of which 205 are in critical condition. The head of a town near the epicenter told Moroccan news site 2M that many houses in nearby towns had partially or completely collapsed, with electricity supply cut off in some places and roads blocked. went. Abderrahim Ait Daoud, the head of the city of Talaat N Yacoub, said authorities were clearing roads in the province so ambulances could pass and provide aid to the affected population. He said it would take time to assess the damage due to the extreme distance between the villages located on the mountain. Local media reported that rescue operations were slow due to blockage of roads leading to the mountainous region surrounding the epicenter. Moroccan military and emergency personnel are trying to provide aid to areas hit by damage, but roads leading into the mountainous region around the epicenter were blocked by debris from vehicles and rocks, slowing rescue operations.

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