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Permanent solution to pollution crisis – dainiktribuneonline.com

strict compliance with law

Instead of making a far-reaching policy for a permanent solution to the pollution crisis, the hope is that the problem will be solved by tying the people of Delhi to some advice and strict restrictions. According to the report of the Ministry of Geology, the maximum contribution of vehicles in air pollution is 41 percent, in such a situation, if the governments operate the public transport system in an easy, convenient and elegant manner, then the use of private vehicles will automatically reduce. Similarly, citizens’ awareness and compliance with the law can also ensure a permanent solution to the problem.

Ishwar Chand Garg, Kaithal

citizens should be alert

Every year with the onset of winter season, the main reason for increasing pollution crisis in Delhi National Capital Region is the unplanned construction work in Delhi and its surrounding areas and the apathy of the governments. Burning stubble and bursting crackers on the occasion of Diwali also increases this problem. There is a need to take immediate and permanent steps for a quick and permanent solution to this problem. At the same time, it is also important that every citizen of the country is aware of this problem.

Satish Sharma Majra, Kaithal

lifestyle defects

Every year pollution increases due to drop in temperature and decrease in wind speed. The rapid construction of multi-storey buildings creates obstructions in the original flow path of air. Stubble is not the only cause of pollution. Due to changing lifestyle, keeping multiple cars in every house also causes pollution. If the administration makes public transport system easily available then people can use public transport. The central and state governments should together try to overcome the stubble crisis. Farmers can also be motivated to change the crop rotation. Besides, it is also the duty of the governments to provide machines to farmers to help them dispose of stubble. Only then can this problem be solved.

Poonam Kashyap, New Delhi

Awareness is necessary

Permanent solution to pollution crisis - dainiktribuneonline.comSome people blame the pollution problem in Delhi-National Capital Region on burning of paddy straw and some on bursting of Diwali crackers. But there are many reasons for polluting the environment like unplanned construction, heaps of garbage at various places, state of crop harvesting, condition of leftover food items, polythene, stray animals etc. To avoid all this, we will have to make a permanent solution to this problem by making individual and collective efforts to adopt an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Everyone will have to be made aware of the environment with a dedicated spirit.

Jai Bhagwan Bhardwaj, Nahar

renewable energy

However, there cannot be a permanent solution to the pollution crisis because it is a continuous process. In which the combined efforts of government, administration and citizens are involved. Nevertheless, to reduce this crisis, the use of renewable energy instead of fossil fuels can help in preventing water and air pollution. At the same time, land pollution can be prevented by better disposal of air and waste through public transport and electric vehicles. Ground pollution can also be avoided by increasing greenery and limiting the use of chemicals used in farming.

Bhagwandas Chhariya, Indore

have decentralized development

The main reason for pollution in Delhi-NCR is the increasing population. The green area is becoming a concrete jungle. Thousands of trucks of goods are arriving every day from across the country. Over-exploitation of resources is generating large amounts of garbage and sewerage blockage. The construction work going on in every corner has made the area top in consumption of building materials. The pace of increasing population and illegal constructions is much faster than the pace of development of public transport and infrastructure. This unplanned development is destructive for the environment. Decentralized development is necessary for a permanent solution to pollution. Only then will migration towards cities stop and the increasing population will be stopped.

Brijesh Mathur, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.

award letter

environmental awareness

To deal with the problem of pollution, the government should increase the number of public vehicles like buses, trains, metro. People should be encouraged to use them. Employees should be provided with housing facilities or they should be appointed in an area close to their home. They should be instructed to use bicycles. Neem saplings should be planted on both sides of the roads and if there is a divider in the middle of the road, saplings should be planted there too. There is a need to control erosion and construction on unnecessary mountains and natural sites. Environmental education should be disseminated from primary classes so that the coming generation has awareness about environmental protection.

Ashok Kumar Verma, Kurukshetra

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