TechnologyPixel Watch 3: Google is preparing a major surprise

Pixel Watch 3: Google is preparing a major surprise

The Pixel Watch 3 would include two sizes. It is still unclear whether the technical capabilities would change between the two variants. A logical strategy in line with an Apple Watch or a Galaxy Watch 6.

The Google Pixel Watch has been awaited for years and Google undoubtedly did not want to spread itself thin by immediately launching various variants in the same range. As a result, the Pixel Watch and Pixel Watch 2 share a single size, 41 mm. Rather modest dimensions compared to the 49 mm that we come across on the sports watch side.

For Google, this represents a real shortfall, as a single watch size does not adapt to all body types. According to 9to5Googlewhich claims to have a source familiar with the matter, Google is preparing two sizes for the Pixel Watch 3.

As reported 9to5beyond aesthetic considerations, a larger watch is generally a little better equipped, particularly in terms of the battery or even the screen.

In the (counters of) steps of Samsung and Apple

Some manufacturers like Samsung or Apple have even chosen to create a Pro or Ultra model for their connected watches, slightly different, with additional health and sports capabilities.

The larger Galaxy Watch 6 Classic offers a rotating crown and more luxurious materials (stainless steel). The Apple Watch Ultra 2 adds a brighter screen, a Titanium case, better water resistance and an alert siren.

It should be noted that for the moment, the intentions of the Mountain View firm remain unknown. The company can just as easily offer two sizes of the same model to address different body types.

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