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Police personnel will prepare their own report card – dainiktribuneonline.com

Chandigarh, 28 November (Trinew)

Assessment proforma has been prepared and distributed to audit the work done by the officers and employees working in the police department. In this form, Key Performance Indicators have been prepared defining the tasks to be performed by police personnel working at different ranks. By fixing the accountability of the officer or employee for each work, they will be given separate marks so that the working system of the police can be further improved. Regarding this, Director General of Police Shatrujit Kapoor has written a letter to all the Police Commissioners of the state, Range Additional Director Generals of Police, IG, Superintendents of Police, Deputy Commissioners of Police and Superintendent of Police, Railway Ambala Cantt and other concerned police officers and given necessary guidelines. Kapoor said that while preparing the assessment form, the responsibilities of each officer or employee were carefully studied and defined point wise. Every police officer or employee will number himself while working as per the points mentioned in this form. There will also be a provision for negative marking in the assessment form for those policemen who do not work as per the prescribed parameters. In the form, a provision has also been made to give 10 marks to the policeman separately on the basis of overall assessment by the concerned Police Commissioner and Superintendent of Police. If the policemen will work as a team then the numbers will be distributed by the concerned supervisory officer. Numbers will be given on the basis of qualification, honesty and discipline of the policeman.

DGP said that while preparing the assessment form, the satisfaction of the complainant has been kept paramount. Feedback is being taken from the complainants regarding the action taken by the police department on the complaints lodged in police stations etc. Under this, the complainants are asked about their satisfaction with the action taken by the police department. If during this time the complainant expresses dissatisfaction with the action, then he is asked the reason. Referring to the categories, he said that the form has been prepared keeping supervisory officers like ASP, DSP and ACP in one category. Similarly, SHOs and police post in-charges have been placed in the second category, crime unit in-charges in the third category, head constables and investigation officers appointed in police stations and police outposts in the fourth category. A form has been prepared by creating a separate category for the policemen and other in-charges posted in the crime unit. Village guards have been kept in different categories according to their tasks.

The work report will be prepared in this way

DGP Shatrujit Kapoor said that if more than 80 percent of the complainants in the police station express satisfaction, then the concerned police station, post or policeman will get 10 marks. Similarly, in the form, a provision has been made to give 10 separate numbers to police station in-charges, outpost in-charges and other policemen who have done remarkable work in the de-addiction campaign. Kapoor said that with the preparation of this form, all the officers and employees will have clarity about their work and their efficiency will also increase. Besides, everyone will also get information about their priority areas. He said that through the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) prescribed in this form, the policemen will work focusing on their work area so that they can self-assess their work and improve it. With this, all the police officers or employees will work as a team and make efforts towards bringing better results. Based on the results of this assessment form, further action plan will be prepared.

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