GlobalPOLITICÓN: Will Mariana Rodríguez seek the Senate?

POLITICÓN: Will Mariana Rodríguez seek the Senate?


That the Coahuila official who was defrauded by those from NL Technologies You must earn very well or be very saver, because not everyone has large amounts on hand to invest in projects like the one they proposed. The good thing is that the FGE of Gerardo Marquez I acted on time and now we need to know whether or not they will recover the money invested, but that is another story. What those who know the issue of investments do say is that it would be enough to “Google” the name of the company to realize that it is up to its ears in pending issues in other municipalities and states. Here in Ramos Arizpe They even have a criminal complaint because, they say, they forged the signatures of public officials to get paid.


That Samuel Garciagovernor of Nuevo León, has already given “permission” to his wife Mariana Rodriguezto compete for the candidacy towards the Senate in 2024. And incidentally also include Junior Colosioprobably for the same position, because he likes being a presidential candidate, as long as the vacancy is still available because Marcelo Ebrard I left him lying.

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In the Narro of Alberto Flores They live a case almost the same as that of the UAdeC of Salvador Hernandez. They are not receiving a budget for retirement and they have to use the same money for current expenses, payroll and fixed expenses for this item. Previously there was an item called 081, but as in the entire Q4 this disappeared, all universities in the country have a similar problem. There is no exit door, they are in an alley and the only option is to have more money. The dramatic thing about the issue is that the UAAAN has more than 250 people lined up to retire, and meanwhile the Morena legislators – the majority in the Chamber of Deputies – remain blind, deaf and mute. An election comes, that’s when.


Not long ago, shortly before the electoral effervescence, Ricardo Aguirre and Lenin Perez They met. The topic was raised because they are from different parties. But now there is a thread that seems conductive. Both have in common having signed a contract for public lighting with the controversial company NL Technologies. The first by Ramos Arizpe and the second by Ciudad Acuña. By then the company already had accusations.


When the regularization of foreign cars with illegal stay in Mexico began It was said that the money from the rights payments would go to the municipalities so that they could invest it in paving and patching. In Monclova this seems to have happened at night, because through social networks and officially in the neighborhoods they are asking that Mario Davila get off the brick on which you are standing and get to work on the issue of paving and patching, because the city is now very similar to the situation in AHMSA, it is abandoned. The claims are fair, but Mario is forgetting about the mayor’s office because he is talking about issues of the future Coalition Government and Xóchitl Gálvez’s campaign.


Next week a meeting of all those who participated in the team will be held in Saltillo. Claudia Sheinbaum. Nobody is left out, say the organizers, this in relation to the fact that they are opening the doors to the PT members who supported Marcelo Ebrard and to the same Morenistas who at the time were in the internal process with Adam Augusto Lopez and Ricardo Monreal. Agreements will come from there.


They still don’t know how to square the circle, but they’re working on it. The Morenistas are going to launch their current mayors for re-election. On the list is Emilio de Hoyosfrom Ciudad Acuña, that’s why Lenin Perez returned to the fold. Similarly Tania Flores It is contemplated to be repeated by Múzquiz. In the case of Francisco I. Madero, in the Laguna Region, the one who leads the way to point to his successor is Jonathan Avalos. Although the Moreno mayors have not been the best of the best, at least they have acceptance, and if the FAM made up of tricolors, blues and yellows does not give them a better rooster, They will keep the territory, all in times of new government.


Once it is known that the Morenistas will take advantage of the re-election, in the FAM they are still plucking the leaves. However, for some there is no way around it. In Saltillo with Chema Fraustro and Torreón with Roman Alberto Cepeda, it must be guaranteed that they continue to lead the administration. Of course there are other municipalities more like Arteaga, General Cepeda, Parras, Piedras Negras, Monclovaamong others, where the same thing can happen.


To the PT members of Coahuila -almost all imported- they would have done well if they had lined upbut it occurred to them to go with Marcelo Ebrard and now they don’t know where to run, or rather, how to leave and appear on the side of the Morenistas supporting Claudia Sheinbaum. It turns out that the winner of the polls to be the presidential candidate in 2024 named Gerardo Fernandez Noroña as spokesperson. Let us remember that in Coahuila the only link of the PT is actually the federal deputy Brígido Morenobut this character came to the Chamber of Deputies due to Morena’s alliance with PT and UDC in 2021, but he is more udecist than Lenin Perez, as they say. The fact is that the reds must get closer if they want to be in the photo.

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