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Potato dissolves in every vegetable like water, these are the disadvantages of eating too much

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The scientific name of potato is Solanum tuberosum. It is one of the most common and important food sources and is used as a staple diet throughout the world due to its health benefits. Potatoes are most commonly found in the Andes, Peru and Bolivia. Potatoes were first grown in the Central American and South American regions about 7,000 years ago. Potato is rich in many nutritious elements. The highest amount of starch is found in potatoes. It also contains adequate amounts of potassium, vitamin A and vitamin C. Apart from this, potatoes also contain magnesium, phosphorus, iron and zinc. The carbohydrates and proteins of potatoes get converted into glucose and amino acids and give instant energy to the body. Potatoes are not only delicious to eat, but they also have many medicinal properties. They help in improving digestion, reducing cholesterol levels, heart health, preventing cancer and diabetes. Potatoes strengthen the immune system, prevent signs of aging, protect the skin, reduce blood pressure, insomnia and also maintain eye health. Apart from this, many types of antioxidants are also found in potatoes which protect the body from damage caused by free radicals.

Potato has a very bad effect on health, because eating it in excess can be harmful for the body. At the same time it also increases weight. If you want to keep body weight under control then you should avoid eating potatoes. Especially diabetic patients should stay away from eating potatoes, people who eat potatoes after deep frying them, it has a very bad effect on their health.

Disadvantages of eating potatoes

Leaves toxic effect in the bodyDo not eat spoiled or rotten potatoes as they can have toxic effects on the body. Potato leaves and green potatoes are often poisonous, as they contain alkaloids such as solanine, chalconine, and arsenic. Excessive amounts of these chemicals can prove fatal.

People suffering from diabetes and obesity should not consume

Apart from this, the glycemic index of potatoes (above 80) is very high, so people who are obese, trying to lose weight or suffering from diabetes should avoid consuming potatoes. Eating potatoes in large quantities increases complications like blood sugar imbalance, loss of appetite, type 2 diabetes.
Pregnant woman can eat fried potatoes

Fried potatoes have low solanine content and hence can be eaten by pregnant women. But avoid consuming raw potatoes.

increases weight

If potatoes offset your blood sugar levels, you may experience increased hunger between meals, which may also lead to weight gain. Making potatoes with popular high-fat toppings like butter, cheese, bacon and cream will add fat and calories to your diet which can also contribute to weight gain. Fried potatoes and potato chips are rich in fat and calories.

gas problem

All diets rich in starch except rice encourage gas during digestion. However, foods affect people’s gas symptoms in different ways. But potatoes can eliminate gas and bloating. Eating too many potato dishes can cause gas problems.
Causes of joint pain

Although it has not been proven yet, some people believe that nightshade vegetables including tomatoes, peppers and white potatoes can trigger inflammation and joint pain.

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