GlobalPrisoners will vote for Presidency

Prisoners will vote for Presidency

Mexico City.- For the first time, 92,792 people in preventive detention, held in 282 prisons throughout the country, will be able to vote for the Presidency of the Republic.

The General Council of the INE approved the guidelines to make this exercise possible, which had been applied at the state level in the last two years and in 2021 for federal deputies.

Counselor Martín Faz, president of the Electoral Training and Organization Commission, explained that the casting of the inmates’ vote will be in advance between May 6 and 20, 2024.

They will be able to vote for the Presidency of the Republic and in those entities that have this exercise legislated they will be able to do so for local positions.

Institute personnel will be in charge of preparing and delivering the invitations and requests for registration to the nominal list and integrating the envelopes of the electoral security package with the documentation.

The scrutiny and counting of the vote will be carried out at the tables approved by the district councils, while the incorporation of the results into the electoral systems will be done by the INE and the local public bodies according to each type of election.

Those who participate will only be included in the nominal list, they will not be physically given a credential and the Penitentiary Center in which they are located will be considered their address.

“According to the possibilities in each center, people in preventive detention will be informed, prior to the early voting period, about the electoral political options available.

“For this concurrent electoral process, it contributes to the promotion, respect, protection and guarantee of the right to vote of people in preventive detention and, consequently, the exercise of their human rights is strengthened,” said Faz.

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