GlobalProblems in Cuauhtémoc, security and informal trade

Problems in Cuauhtémoc, security and informal trade

The Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office, headquarters of the federal Executive and Judicial powers and the Government of Mexico City, as well as the political, cultural and social center of the country, also faces severe problems, such as drug dealing, floor charges and street trafficking.

Excelsior He asked the three candidates for that mayor’s office for their diagnoses and proposals on those issues.

Alessandra Rojo de la Vega, from the Va

He added that there must be “order and legality”, which implies a registry of street vendors, regularization and dismissal of officials who extort them.

“Well, the street vendors are not only suffering from floor charges and extortion by organized crime, but also by the mayor’s own workers,” said Rojo de la Vega.

According to the PRI-PAN-PRD candidate, these “corrupt” officials have been in this political team of the same Monreal family for 10, 15, 20 years.

“Although the mayor’s office was governed years ago (Ricardo Monreal, Caty’s father), those who operate the candidate’s team are the people who have been working in Cuauhtémoc: we must put an end to this entrenched mafia.”

Catalina Monreal, candidate of the Let’s Keep Making History coalition, insisted that the solution is dialogue.

“I am a woman expert in mediation and alternative means of conflict resolution; “I am an expert in dialogue, I am an expert in respect for diversity, I am an expert in resolving conflicts,” Monreal stated.

He considered that “a lot of dialogue is needed, a lot of consensus and work in the territory, a lot of knowledge of the subject and regulation.”

“We are going to generate dialogues and listen to the neighbors, and to all those involved: we cannot authoritatively make decisions, we have to listen to the neighbors and understand what they think,” said the Morena-PT-PVEM candidate. .

Herman Domínguez, Movimiento Ciudadano candidate for Cuauhtémoc, believes that the fundamental issue is to carry out a complete census of all street vendors.

It is essential, he said, because those who are registered pay a fee directly to the Treasury and the Treasury returns part of this resource to the mayor’s office, Domínguez said.

And when they are not on a registry “they pay a fee to the structural officials (of the Mayor’s Directorate of Markets and Public Roads), which is illegal.”

“There are more than 50,000 street vendors in the mayor’s office, and what we have to do is break the pacts that the mayors who have won the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office have made with the street vendors’ leaders.”

He stated that in the campaign teams of the two candidates there are former officials “who have extorted street vendors” in the past.

“In the campaign of Va

“In the Let’s Keep Making History campaign they bring a guy who has dedicated himself from 2000 to 2021 to corruption in everything that is commerce on public roads, and charged fees to the leaders.”

Drug dealing and robbery with violence

In terms of security, the three candidates for Cuauhtémoc agreed that robbery with violence and drug dealing are the crimes that hit the mayor’s office the most.

Monreal believes that one of the keys to improving the strategy against criminals and drug dealers is to establish a relationship of trust between the mayor’s office and citizens, so that they report.

“The neighbors know exactly where there is a sensitive issue, on what street and at what time they are robbing, at what moment cell phones are being stolen. Citizens hear and see what they sometimes have not heard in the government,” he said.

To confront drug dealing, Monreal offered: “We are going to have very close collaboration with the Secretariat of Citizen Security and with the C5.”

He highlighted that he has a strategy designed to involve children in art, sports and science, to generate interest in these activities and prevent them from being recruited by organized crime.

Rojo de la Vega promised: “We are going to shield Cuauhtémoc, it is one of my ten proposals; Santiago Taboada already shielded Benito Juárez, for that he increased the number of police officers, improved their salary, training; “We must replicate good actions, we do not have to invent the black thread.”

He stressed that it is also essential for citizens to report, but currently they do not do so due to the inefficiency of the agencies.

“Many people do not report because the Prosecutor’s Offices do nothing, they are corrupt, they are negligent, they are incompetent. The prosecution has to do its job,” he emphasized.

Domínguez expressed that regarding the issue of robbery with violence and drug dealing, prevention will be essential: “Workshops from the fifth grade of primary and secondary school, where young people are made aware of the risks they run when they commit crimes and when they consume drugs.”

He considered that it is essential to place more surveillance cameras, more lighting and maintain public spaces, such as parks, gardens, gyms.

To confront extortion, he considered that “the mayor’s will is needed, but also a lot of work in collaboration with the central government.”

Looking ahead to the race at the polls on June 2, Caty Monreal said that she feels very good.

“We are ten points above the PAN, PRI and PRD, which is the current government, and we are going for the transformation, because we have lived through three years of governments that did not provide a solution, and now the citizens favor us.”

Alessandra Rojo de la Vega, for her part, expressed: “We are going to win, I have no doubt, I feel it and I live it in the streets, people do not want more of the same; “They have been destroying and abandoning this mayor’s office for years.”

Asked if she could suffer a punishing vote by those who felt disappointed by former mayor Sandra Cuevas, who won in 2021 with PRI, PAN and PRD, who now support her, Rojo de la Vega answered: “It is very clear that Sandra Cuevas was imposed by Ricardo Monreal, it is not something that everyone does not know and PAN, PRI and PRD never had a hand in the Cuevas government.”

Herman Domínguez stated that he has had “very good acceptance in the neighborhoods” that he has visited and was confident that he will have good results at the polls.

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