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PVEM promises support for AMLO until the end, but in 2024, it will look for its own spaces

The Green Ecologist Party of Mexico (PVEM) will support the Republic President until you finish your six-year termbut also will seek to expand to obtain its own spaces as a political party in electoral processes of 2024said the coordinator of Pevemista senators, Manuel Velasco.

Opening the green plenary meeting at the Chamber of Deputiesthe legislator stressed that since 2018 definitions were taken and since then the party’s benches in Congress have been “firm allies” of President Andrés Manuel López Obradorto the support “without conditions” each of the reforms you have sent.

However, he also pointed out that the 2024 It is an important year for the country and for the party, given the electoral process that will live to renew governorshipscongresses and the Presidency of the Republic.

For this reason, he urged that work be done to build a project that truly represents a green agenda.

“I’m not only talking about the presidential election, which will be at stake next year, but we must do the work from the bottom up, from the mayors’ offices, from the municipal presidencies, from the local legislatures and of course from the legislatures federal…And what we must learn is from what has happened in the past”

Manuel Velasco, coordinator of PVEM senators

He affirmed that the Green Ecologist was “fundamental” for the achievement of the political alternation in 2000, when the breadmaker Vicente Fox came to the Presidency; In the same way, he assured that he had been in 2012, when the PRI Enrique Pena Nieto got the same charge.

Despite this, he said that the PVEM did not build a project that would represent them and that is why called on legislators to work on an agenda that “really represents us by the year 2024in all positions popular electionThat should be our priority right now.”

“If we only favor personal projects, if we do not have candidates for governors who really represent us, then what happens? If the elections are won and we are not represented and we should not go to projects that do not have roots that do not have a clear vision”

Manuel Velasco, coordinator of PVEM senators

In this context, he recalled that the 2021 election in San Luis Potosi was a example of party consolidationsince the victory of Ricardo Gallardo in alliance with the PT, even when the goals were not achieved. agreements with Morena to contend together in this entity.

After mentioning that the Green Ecologist respects the internal processes of all parties, the senator mentioned that they have not yet started their process to choose candidatesbecause they will wait for the time established by the legislation to begin.

“I call on you to give more priority to agreements and to move away from lawsuits and to seek consensus that benefits our country”

Manuel Velasco, coordinator of PVEM senators

Karen Castrejonnational president of the party, also spoke of the electoral process of 2024regarding which he said that the decision of the militancy regarding the method to choose candidates.

“First of all, I ask for your support for the decisions that are made within the party, that we remain united, that we remain firm, but the most important thing is that we manage to get the agendas that we have pending in order to comply with those who gave us his v””, he exclaimed.

Karen Castrejón, national president of PVEM

Carlos Bridgecoordinator in San Lázaro, stressed that the party is due to those who voted for those who today make it up and that is why work must be privileged to fulfill the commitments made.

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