TechnologyQualcomm's ARM chip would already be capable of running Windows games

Qualcomm’s ARM chip would already be capable of running Windows games

Qualcomm assures us that its Snapdragon X Elite chip would be capable of emulating X86/64 games without loss of performance. Rarely has the San Diego firm been so confident in the capabilities of its ARM chip.

Here’s a sea serpent. For years, Qualcomm has promised that its Snapdragon X Elite chip, equipped with ARM architecture, will be able to overshadow the Apple M1, M2 and M3. Except that at the moment, no product is equipped with it. So it’s more about promises than anything else.

We therefore raised a wary eyebrow at the sight of an article from The Vergewhich tells us that according to Qualcomm, Windows games would already be able to run on its Snapdragon X Elite chip.

In other words, the San Diego firm is making a very important promise: games designed for a traditional x86/64 architecture, used predominantly on Windows, would already be able to run on its chip, even though under ARM architecture.

Emulation performance close to the original versions

This promise was made during a meeting with developers at the GDC (Game Developers Conference). Engineer Issam Khalil, who stated it, even considers that future Laptops equipped with the chip will be able to emulate x86/64 games, with performance close to the original versions.

© Sean Hollister / The Verge

In a photo taken from a Qualcomm presentation, we learn a little more. GPU performance would thus be “unaffected” by x64 emulation. This element alone probably explains why Qualcomm is so certain of its move, most games relying more on GPU performance than CPU. The company explains that its Adreno GPU indeed supports the different drivers: DX11, DX12, Vulkan and OpenCL.

According to the engineer, for his tests, Qualcomm would use games belonging to the TOP 100 Steam games as a reference and would see no reason not to be optimistic.

On the other hand, all anti-cheat systems should block emulation. This is not a big surprise, anti-cheat systems tend not to work with ports of this type. The same rule applies for example to the Steam Deck when emulating SteamOS with Proton.

The first machines sold under Snapdragon X Elite should be released this summer 2024. We will then be able to judge on the spot.

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