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Rao Inderjit did not reach Dharambir’s nomination, politics heated up in Ahirwal – dainiktribuneonline.com

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Narnaul, 4 May

This slogan was being raised repeatedly in the nomination meeting of BJP ‘Ram Laxman Janaki, Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki’. It cannot be said whether he will get God’s blessings or not, but BJP candidate’s ‘Ram lookalike’ i.e. Rao Inderjit Singh did not reach the meeting to give blessings. On Saturday, BJP candidate Dharambir Singh from Bhiwani-Mahendragarh held a meeting and filed his nomination. On this occasion, the absence of veteran Ahirwal leader Rao Inderjit Singh remained a topic of discussion among everyone.

According to the campaign being conducted by BJP for the last few days for the nomination meeting, Rao Inderjit Singh was to reach the occasion. But his non-arrival at the appointed time became a topic of discussion in the area. It is noteworthy that during his 10-year tenure as MP, Dharmbir Singh has always stood with Rao Inderjit Singh. Rao Inderjit Singh has also been publicly calling Dharambir Singh as his younger brother like Laxman.

Election path not easy for BJP candidate

Now it will not be so easy for Dharambir Singh to perform like last time in district Mahendragarh. If he is looking for any support then it is Rao Inderjit Singh. Therefore, he was invited as the main leader in the nomination meeting. Rao supporters reached the meeting in good numbers but Rao Inderjit could not reach. Due to this, Dharambir Singh himself also looked a little disappointed. Since the arrival of Congress candidate Rao Dan Singh in Mahendragarh district, which had given a huge lead in the last two elections, new equations have been formed. At such a time, Rao Inderjit Singh’s not coming is disappointing him to some extent. Without him, it is not easy for Dharambir Singh to conquer this area of ​​Ahirwal. However, it is being told by Rao Inderjit Singh’s supporters that he could not come today due to a public relations program in Gurugram. Soon they will hold election meetings and ask for votes for Dharambir Singh.

Ticket received on the recommendation of the Union Minister

Rao Inderjit did not reach Dharambir's nomination, politics heated up in Ahirwal - dainiktribuneonline.com

When Dharambir Singh’s claim in ticket distribution started weakening in front of Bhupendra Yadav, Dr. Abhay Singh and Sudha Yadav, Rao Inderjit Singh, playing his irrefutable bet, won the ticket in his name. Dharamveer Singh had won both the last elections from district Mahendragarh with a huge lead. This time also he had the same hope that on the strength of Rao Inderjit Singh, he would once again score a hat-trick of victory through Mahendragarh district, but the Congress party has complicated the whole game by giving ticket to Mahendragarh MLA Rao Dan Singh.

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