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Rapidly decreasing population of North Korea kim jong un order – women should have more children – International news in Hindi – Rapidly decreasing population of North Korea, Kim Jong Un’s order – women should have more children, foreign news

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South Korea Population: North Korea’s dictatorial ruler Kim Jong Un is troubled by the declining population in the country. He has appealed to women to have more and more children as it is their duty to stop the decline in birth rate in the national interest. Kim Jong Un, while addressing a women’s conference late on Sunday evening, said that we all should try together to stop the decline in the birth rate.

They say let’s solve it together. Be aware that the population of North Korea is decreasing rapidly and there is a shortage of labor force. Most people here do not want more than one child. They believe that a lot of money is needed for their good upbringing, education and job etc., but this is not possible due to the country’s poor economy and restrictions.

industry in crisis
Birth control laws were implemented in North Korea in the 1970–80s. Thousands of people died here due to the famine in 1990. At the same time, problems also increased due to technological progress in resources and industry. The industries here say that if adequate labor force is not made available, it will be difficult to revive and develop the manufacturing industries.

Government is providing facilities
According to North Korean media, the government is offering special benefits to families with three or more children in the country. This also includes free food grains, housing, subsidies, free treatment, education of children, but despite this people are avoiding having more children.

Accusations on South Korea
Ahn Kyung Su, the head of a health-related website in North Korea, says that in the last twenty years, many South Korean dramas and films have been smuggled into the country to be watched, in which the position of women has been shown to be strong, which is beneficial for the women here. Affects one’s mental state and influences one not to have more children.

Situation worsens in South Korea
Over the past 60 years, South Korea has experienced the fastest fertility decline in recorded human history. In 1960, the country’s total fertility rate – the average number of children a woman has during her reproductive years – was just under six children per woman. In 2022 this figure was 0.78. South Korea is the only country in the world to record a fertility rate of less than one child per woman, although the others – Ukraine, China and Spain – are close.

North Korea currently has a population of 2.5 crores.
– The lifetime fertility rate was to be 1.79 children per woman in 2022.

This figure of fertility rate in South Korea is 0.78.
-Fertility rate has declined in North Korea in 10 years

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