TechnologyRaspberry Pi 5: power to spare for the all-purpose computer

Raspberry Pi 5: power to spare for the all-purpose computer

If the Raspberry Pi has come a long way since the very first model in 2012, their principle has remained the same: small, very inexpensive, all-purpose computers. The just-unveiled Raspberry Pi 5 meets these criteria by adding additional power.

Four years after a Raspberry Pi 4 which was a great success (partly boosted by the health crisis), the Raspberry Pi 5 must not disappoint! The foundation that develops and produces the computer has pulled out all the stopspromising CPU and GPU performance two to three times higher than the previous model, with twice as much memory and bandwidth for I/O.

Components developed in-house

The new Raspberry Pi is built around a BCM2712 chip from Broadcom engraved in 16 nm – to compare to the BCM2711 of the Pi 4, engraved in 28 nm -, whose processor is equipped with four Cortex-A76 cores at 2.4 GHz , 512 KB of L2 cache and 2 MB of shared L3 cache. On the graphics side, it is once again Broadcom which provides the VideoCore VII, a GPU capable of powering two 4K monitors at 60 frames/second, when the previous computer was satisfied with a single 4K screen at 60 fps (or two screens 4K at 30 fps).

In addition to the image processor (ISP), the Raspberry Pi foundation has developed another chip in-house, the RP1, a controller that manages the input and output interfaces: two USB 3.0 ports (which each support a 5 Gb/s throughput), two USB 2.0 ports (all with USB-A connectors), one Gigabit Ethernet port, one analog video output, one PCIe 2.0 interface. RP1, in preparation since 2016, required an investment of $15 million, the foundation’s largest.

In terms of design, the single card is similar to its predecessors, meaning that it will be very discreet and can fit almost anywhere. If the computer does not have an active heat dissipation system, the official case does indeed include a fan. Alternatively, we can also attach a dedicated fan which attaches to the card via a new mounting system. In both cases, it’s about being able to use the Pi 5 at full power without risking throttling.

The Raspberry Pi 5 can be pre-ordered now at a price of €70 for the version with 4 GB of RAM, or €93.60 with 8 GB of RAM. Availability is set for the end of October. We must now hope that production capacities are there: the Raspberry Pi 4 and other models were very difficult to find for a long time.

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